Monday, October 18, 2010

stress fracture

want to know why i haven't posted about running in a week? it's not because the puppy love has worn off and i'm back to hating running, like in the olden days. it's because after my last endeavor last sunday - a pride-swelling 6.34 miles - i woke up monday morning, and it hurt to walk. every time i put weight on my left foot, which it so happens, is a lot, it felt like a constant foot cramp. well, long story short, it still hurts, and i've self-diagnosed a stress fracture. granted, it could just be a pulled muscle, but from what i've read about stress fractures - namely that they "typically occur in weight-bearing bones, such as the... metatarsals (bones of the foot)," and that they "commonly occur in sedentary people who suddenly undertake a burst of exercise (whose bones are not used to the task),... and in professional and amateur distance runners who run high weekly mileage."* now, i wouldn't call myself sedentary in general, but in terms of running, yes. i decided to run one day, and i ran 3 miles. then 4. then holy crap - 5! then 6! then, oh my god i can run so far! i'm so proud of myself! i am a running queen, hear me roar! yessss! a triumphant 6.34 miles. i did this even though b-town kept saying, "awesome, good for you, but don't push your body too hard. running is hard on the body." and now i'm learning my lesson the hard way, one day of uggs at a time (because the only shoes i can wear semi-comfortably are my big bulky ugg boots).

*thanks wikipedia. you are so reliable and smart.

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