Tuesday, October 05, 2010

time management

truth: i love lists and getting things done, but i'm terrible at time management. it's taken me a while to realize it, but i finally have. please relive this recent moment with me:

(in amy's room)
caroline (in a minor panic): "omg i have so much to do. it's already 3 and jonathan gets here at 6! we need to finish laundry, go to whole foods, eat, and take the dogs out all before jonathan gets here."
me: "okay, okay, okay. here's what we'll do. i love plans. you go get our laundry, i'll take the dogs out, then we'll..."
caroline (interrupting): "okay, i am just going to stop you right there because whatever you're about to say is NEVER going to work out. you are terrible at time management."
amy: *uncontrollable laughter*
me: "oh, well i mean if we hurry."
caroline: "nope, it won't work out."
casey: "okay, you're right."

seriously. i dillydally like it is no one's business. but thank the good lord above, best article every day has done it again (they really do post the best article every day): 30 smart time management tips and tricks.

maybe this will help me with what is perhaps my #1 bad habit. it's either bad time management or picking my cuticles (gross, i know).

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Kathryn Beck said...

haha. goodness i miss you. i just felt like i was in your apt in nyc reading that. youre so cute.