Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bling blang!

woohoo! i'm stoked for this, and admittedly unreasonably so. probably mostly because i have a big girl crush on kate middleton. congrats to prince william + soon-to-be princess kate. i know you're both big followers of the blog.

anyway, check out that BLANG! first of all, it's princess diana's engagement ring. and second of all HELLO SAPPHIRE. now, i'm not really much of a jewelry girl. i love it, but for some reason i just don't have a good eye for what jewelry would accessorize what outfit best. (la kitty kat beck is my go-to woman for that). and because i'm so bad at it, i get easily overwhelmed and discouraged that everything/nothing jumps out to me rather than specific pieces.

anyway, so, not the best jewelry go-to girl, but i'll tell you one thing that i do like: sapphires. they're just so freaking pretty, and for no other reason than that, for a while i've wanted a tiny baby sapphire necklace. (please note: baby here means a necklace with a small stone, not an actual sapphire necklace for a baby. if that were the case, call the cops because i guess i've kidnapped a baby). my roommate amy has a perfect sapphire ring that's surrounded by diamonds that i think was her grandmother's (amy, is that right?). i wish she had normal human fingers so that i could borrow it. and by borrow i mean gaze at longingly because i would never borrow someone else's heirloom jewlery. and by "i wish she had normal human fingers" i just mean that she has small delicate fingers, and i'm jealous.

the end.

ps - i should probably establish that this is not part of my christmas list. for that info, please see my actual christmas list.


Kathryn Beck said...

Omg I am so freaking obsessed with Kate Middleton and holy sheeesh she got princess dianas ring!!!! I'm like so happy for her! Thanks for the shout out. Love u.

Amy said...

My royal fever is off the charts!

I wish my ring story was as cool as you described it... but alas it is just a gift from me pops. Still special, just not an heirloom.

casey said...

then i might reconsider not asking to borrow it, if only it would fit. consider yourself lucky, stanley.