Friday, December 17, 2010

merry christmas, bladder!

everyone listen up while i talk about myself!

i'm a bipolar shopper. i'll go weeks, months even, without buying something. i'll go so far as to go "shopping," pick out items, walk around the store with them, and then i tell myself that i don't need these things and why am i spending this money that i could use for something else (that i also don't end up buying). so i put everything back and leave empty-handed. then there's the other shopper in me that's standing in line at starbucks to get some coffee for my coworkers and myself, and all of a sudden i need this starbucks plastic insulated tumbler with a candy cane straw. so i buy it.

most of the time i regret these purchases, and for a few minutes after i got back to work, i questioned my decision. but then i decided to just go with it.

let me tell you. this is the best thing i've gifted myself in a long time. i could do without the huge starbucks logo, but the candy cane straw is what i fell in love with, and i'm willing to accept my tumbler for the tumbler it is, not the tumbler i want it to be. i have been drinking SO much water lately. TMI alert! i am now a peeing machine. it is awesome (the water, not the peeing). i feel like i could rival my sister-in-law, priscilla, who can drink 8 glasses of water per meal. i'm not kidding. i was with her over thanksgiving and in one hour alone she downed 5 16-oz bottles of water. what a champ.

anyway, i love this thing. thanks for listening. i gotta go now. time to pee again.


Kathryn Beck said...

hahah peeing machine! good for you! love you

Ryan said...

Love it. Water is the best thing for you. I told Kat this last year. I bought myself a nalgene and try to drink 4 filled ones a day (sooo much water). But its sort of like Me vs. My bladder and I love winning.