Sunday, January 30, 2011

rolling in the deep

these will be my anthems for the next week. oh adele, you cut straight through to my heart. and childish gambino, you cut straight through to my angry dancing feet. seriously. adele makes me want to get really angry and cry, and childish gambino (aka donald glover) makes me want to grit my teeth and go hundred dollar baby on someone. bring it on, ipod.

first this (adele):

then this (adele + donald glover/childish gambino.):

Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) ft. Childish Gambino by Childish Gambino

Friday, January 28, 2011

seth + stefon

check out this little diddy of a gag reel, featuring a lot of my other babydaddy, seth meyers, and a very honorable mention by stefon. i love that billy hader.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

monty the moose.

we decided to take a break from work today to play in the snow (my boss's idea!). what was brought to life was a moose named monty. he's anatomically correct, and quite the attention whore.

jumpin' jammer'z

last night lindsay and i went to see totally j/k at ucb. joe wengert was one of the comedians and did a great stand-up bit about when he found adult footie pajamas in a sky mall magazine. he talked about how the slogans mentioned that these "jumpin' jammer'z" are great for "dancin' and goofin' around," and how he wrote the company with a few new slogan ideas of his own: "dancin' (cause that one's still good), goofin' around (same), horsin' around (slightly different. you know if you've done it), losin' a court case, shamin' your parents, embracin' your virginity," and best of all, "nighttime cryin'."

anyway, lindsay and i realized at the same moment that i need a pair of jumpin' jammer'z. yes i do. YES I DO. my birthday is only a month and a day away (don't ask dumb questions. obviously the hooded grey mouse jammer'z).

plus, i forgot that i'd seen this masterpiece. ryan gosling, babydaddy, we have so much in common. have your people call my people. just kidding, i don't have people.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

dear anyone who worked for the new mickey mouse club

dear anyone who worked for the new mickey mouse club,

circa 1993, i wrote to you requesting to be a part of your "meet your favorite celebrity" segment. i actually have no idea if that's what that segment was called because, since i was only 7, i may not have recognized the importance of paying attention to detail. anywhoot, back then, there was one lady whom i really looked up to, and i wanted very badly to meet her.

her name was trini kwan, aka the yellow mighty morphin power ranger, and she was portrayed by thuy trang. if you recall, trini was able to morph into a saber-toothed tiger, and that to me, was really something else. i've never been a big fan of baby pink, and the yellow power ranger was my first realization that girls can be awesome without pink. i even had my mom make me a yellow power ranger costume for halloween that year (julie cline, please tell me a photo of this exists).

now, this is not a post about 7-year old casey, in all of her gap-toothed glory, realizing that girls can be badass. it's a letter to you, whomever you are, asking you to please find the letter i wrote, because i would love nothing more than to read the earnest, heartfelt words of a 7-year old whose favorite celebrity was the yellow mighty morphin power ranger.

i would be forever indebted to you, and would probably read this letter at every family gathering that i attend for the rest of my life. imagine that - you could help create a tradition in my family for years to come!

thank you for your time and consideration.

casey cline

ps - while writing this post, and obviously turning to wikipedia for help, i discovered that thuy trang passed away in a car accident in 2001. in a really weird way, my heart just broke for my 7-year old self.

winning combo

change we can believe in.*

*when i say change, i mean flavor. believe it. you will thank me later. and i'll say "yuuff fvelcomph" which is mouthful-of-white-chocolate-peanut butter-cinnamon raisin bagel-with-frozen-banana-slices for "you're welcome."


if i could go back in time, the one thing i would change would be the fact that i never applied for mtv's made. if i could do it all over again, i'd apply to be 'made' into an olympic diver or a human beat box, like this guy (sidebar please: i would also like his bracelets and crazy hair). the first because i'm obsessed with watching divers (during the summer olympics), and the second because can you imagine how fun i would be at parties?! i'm no fun now, so this would really amp things up. i mean, the shock value alone would be enough for me.

ahhh, regrets.

ps - i can most definitely do the water drop noise he makes at 1:07, so maybe that's a start.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh bubbs.

i recently started watching the wire with my roommate lindsay, and let me tell you, we are hooked. we started early this month and are about to wrap up season 3. never have i ever been so involved with drug wars, murder, dirty men, and general mayhem (cough cough you're welcome mom and dad. you're welcome.). anyway, our other roommate caroline went home for her christmas break and started the wire at the same time. since she's not as skilled at watching massive amounts of tv and indenting couches as lindsay and myself (read: she has an actual life), she's behind us by 1 season. so obviously our new favorite thing to do is ruin the show for her, as evidenced by our little digital fisticuffs on facebook today.

Monday, January 24, 2011

you're gonna make me lonesome when you go

um, someone please bring me a glass of wine and play with my hair for an hour, because this song is the perfect soundtrack to that exact combination.

ps - yes i know it's a bob dylan cover.

pps - i'm not kidding. wine. hair. please.

how caroline and i will be spending our february

our ultimate plan is for both our husbands to pass away before we do so that we can then live together, bake and cook and feast, and let ourselves go together. then we'll both buy crazy hats and kitten sweaters and travel the world together, 2 plane seats for each of us at a time.

this is of course after we've lived good long lives just down the street (or next door) from one another in wilmington, nc where we wake up each morning and surf with our husbands and then she teaches and i write hilarious things and we laugh and play all the day long.

oh what a good life we'll lead.

ps - in writing all of that, i totally forgot about the entire reason i was posting this. so i just reread the hot chocolate month and got all excited all over again. ohmylanta, i can't wait!

how sophia gets down the stairs

this is my niece sophia.

this is how she gets down the stairs.

i hope you enjoy this as much as i have (the 2, nay, 20+ times i've watched this).

anyone know where i can get an adult pair of footie pajamas? because yes i do plan on doing this with her when i visit them next weekend.

Friday, January 21, 2011

11:11, 111

i always make a wish and kiss a clock whenever i notice that it's 11:11. so try to imagine my inner freak out whenever i heard this little diddy at work:

this year we will experience 4 unusual dates... 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11...
now go figure this out... take the last 2 digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year and it will equal...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

this song came on alana's ipod today at work and i just love it. that's all.

little psycho

do you want to know one example, of MANY, why desmond halpert cline is a little psycho? (as in he is small and VERY psycho, not just a smidge psycho).

take a look at this photo:

that's desmond. in his dog crate. at the door to our living room. do you see the other door in the far background with the little glimmer of my salmon-colored robe? that's my bedroom door, and the door that desmond managed to open before he then managed to get over the door jam, around the table, and wedged perfectly at the living room door. all while in his dog crate.

he. is. psycho.

his determination alone is to be admired, but i'm worried about his sweet little nose. he has a spot that he's rubbed raw from inside his crate. and lord knows all the scratching that he does to shimmy himself over probably isn't good for his little paws. then again, he's a dog, so i guess he's inclined to be able to rough it. that can't be normal though, right?!

this is why i love dogs.

this makes me want to run home and cuddle with this little psycho.

valentine's shmalentine's

valentine's day honestly makes me think of cheap plastic and old chocolate. i'd much rather have my significant other tell me/show me that they love me every day than get a cheap card from them.

in high school, my best friend lindsay church and i invented a little guy named santa valentine, and we wrote up tons of cards with messages like, "go love everyone, but don't be skanky. have a happy day. love, santa valentine" and "have a merry day, lovebird. love, santa valentine." i wish i still had all those (i might, considering that i still have all of my notes from middle and high school saved. ahh! read-a-thon next time i'm home!) anyway, i think i like santa valentine better than cupid.

also, st. patrick's day trumps valentine's day for me if for no other reason than kelly green is one of my favorite colors, and baby pink is far from it.

blog ps/update: in response to amy stan's comment on this post, i feel i should add the fact that while valentine's day definitely makes me think of plastic and old chocolate, that doesn't mean i don't buy into it. i just don't BUY things from drug stores (said plastic, stuffed animals, sappy half-hearted cards, and old chocolate). i will, however, eat fresh chocolate. from anywhere. at anytime. and i will tell people i love them, cause if there's something that i do love, it's letting people know how i feel about them (but only sincerely and for extra special peeps). anyway, point is, this sounds way more cynical than i meant it to. i mean, when lindsay and i delivered our santa valentine cards, we did so with hugs and "i love you"'s. so, thanks amy. let's do it up this year. just don't buy me a card from duane reade.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

buses, bananas & ball sandwiches: 5 tips to discover the caribbean’s true flavor

bff evie has up and done it again! check out her 2nd published travel writing article here.


the baby-sitters club: where are they now?

as a young whipper-snapper, i was an avid baby-sitters club reader, so i'm thrilled to link you to a very dear-to-my-heart post that i discovered through the powers of my facebook news feed. i don't know you, emily weiss, but i want to have a tea party with you and reminisce about the beautiful magic that was the baby-sitters club. i wonder, did you ever try to create bright, plastic, triangle earrings so that you could be more like artsy claudia? who, if anyone, did you side with when dawn and mary-anne became stepsisters and tension grew (thank god they got over that, right?)? i have so many questions. i mean, if you want, we can go back to my house in salisbury and play the board game WHILE watching the movie and doing a recap of our favorite books. because that is a legitimate possibility.

the best times to buy anything in 2011

thanks again, best article every day.

what kind of sick joke is this?

since monday, i've been doing a juice detox/cleanse/crazypersonthing with my boss, alana. today is our last day, and so far i have to admit that it's been pretty easy. i haven't gotten too hungry and i haven't been cranky. the only negatives i've noticed are a slight headache that i got monday afternoon, and i've been tired earlier in the night. that's actually probably a good thing since i'm such a night owl and i cheat myself out of good sleep (damn you interwebs!) anyway, this is what my schedule has been like for the past 2 days + today:

wake up - by the time i get to work: down 12oz. water

8am: all greens (apple, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach) - delicous!

12 oz. water

10am: mood mender (orange, grapefruit, ginseng, vitamin c) - pretty, pretty, pretty good!

12 oz. water

12pm: skin tonic (apple, celery, spinach, kale, aloe vera) - yummy!

12 oz. water

3pm: quick quencher (watermelon, lemon, pineapple) - tart, but super yummy!

12 oz. water

6pm: fatigue fighter (apple, carrot, beet, ginger) - eh, it's okay. not my favorite, but it's doable.

12 oz. water

8pm: almond smoothie (almond butter, coconut, cinnamon) - like drinking melted oatmeal ice cream. super stellar yummy!

12 oz. water

that's what it's supposed to be like, anyway. the times have been varied for us, but i try to keep a similar amount of time in between. anyway, since i'm no stranger to discussing my human functions, i was remarking to amy monday that i peed a lot during the day monday, and she asked that i keep track of how much water i'm drinking, and how many times i'm peeing every day. not one to turn down an interesting request, i kept track yesterday. in addition to my 6 16-oz. juices, i drank 1 8-oz. mug of detox tea, 7 12-oz. cups of water (in my starbucks cup, no less!), and peed a total of 11 times. crazeballs.

anyway, this morning at work, our landlord came by our office to let us know that we can't use our bathrooms today because of some plumbing issues in the building. hence, the title of this post. alana and i aren't sure what to do. we might just pretend we're family and "let it mellow," otherwise, we'll have to be sneaky and use the pizza place's facilities downstairs, or steal away to the apple store across the street and pretend we're buying ipads and need a quick break. who knows. wish us luck.

also, i'm sorry i'm not sorry for offending anyone. this is my blog so i can talk about pee all i want! if you're my family and close friends, then you know me. and if you're reading this randomly, or if i haven't talked to you since high school (hey, i facebook stalk, too!), then it's only fair that you email me something really telling about yourself.

i won clue!

last night was a really momentous occasion for me: i won clue for the first time! i only played for the first time last year, and amy and caroline made fun of me because i lost so badly. the reason for that was because i was playing honestly! i was making legit guesses and i didn't understand that clue is all about strategizing. anyway, it took me a little while to catch on, but i finally did. i guess that means i'm just such an honest person. i'm a modern day abraham lincoln. anyway, lindsay impulsively bought the harry potter version of clue this weekend after caroline found it on amazon, and it came yesterday. of course i would win clue whenever we're playing the harry potter version (which is ah-maze-in [that's my british accent... pretty good right?]). i highly recommend it. it even reignited my harry potter reading. if you recall, i'd started rereading all 7 books, but since new year's, i haven't really read much (until this morning when i picked up where i left off in the third book). anyway, thanks harry potter clue. you're top notch.

my new favorite website.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

states' [maybe] favorite foods

kristyn over at my food looks funny put together this map of what she imagines each state's favorite food is.

and just to answer her question, And Rhode Islanders, please, what the hell is coffee milk?: coffee milk is a godsend. my boss alana is from rhode island and raves about it, so we had a little taste test last week. the verdict: it's like the coffee ice cream that you're sharing with jake gyllenhaal and/or john krasinski melted into a cloud, and now you're drinking the melted ice cream from the cloud and laughing with jake/john about how wonderful life is, and oh, look over there, it's a baby deer learning how to walk. that's how good coffee milk is.

Monday, January 17, 2011

my thoughts exactly

again, kudos ricky gervais. i mean, i know we're not close friends or anything, but come on hollywood. lighten up. do you wanna know why ricky gervais's jokes were funny? because they were true.


now, if you know me, you know that i know way too much about celebrities. but i chalk it up to my upbringing (our house is lined with movie posters since my dad spent his career buying and selling 16mm films, dvds, and movie/tv memorabilia). besides, someone once pointed out to me that knowing useless celebrity info is akin to knowing useless sports trivia. anyway, i admit my shameless knowledge, and thus i move forward to the point of this post.

last night we watched the golden globes (sidebar: ricky gervais killed it. hollywood gets so pampered and put on a pedestal. i love that he calls everyone out on their bullsh*t.) anyway, last night was a turning point for me. for the longest time i've tried to resist the power of brangelina. why? because i hate adultery. it makes my skin crawl and i was so mad at them. but last night angelina just looked so gorgeous in her green gown, and she and brad were pda'ing like i've never seen. but it wasn't gross pda; rather, it was the sweetest pda i've ever seen. every time the camera cut to them in the audience, she was leaning ever-so-slightly on him, and they just looked so content. and then, of course, there was the moment right before a commercial, when they cut to angelina earnestly adjusting brad's tie. i don't know what it was, but at that moment, i fell in love with the brangelina. my heart cried a little conceding tear of joy for them. i've never so badly wanted to have someone whose tie i can adjust.

(ps - i'm sorry, evie. i've crossed over to the other side, and i hope you can forgive me).

now, let's talk about more important and pressing matters. like ALL OF THE MASS ANIMAL DEATHS! is everyone crossing off to-dos on their bucket lists? because 2012 is only a year away, y'all.

featherbands & featherettes by KatBeckDesigns

my best friend from high school, kathryn [hayden] beck has launched her own etsy shop - KatBeckDesigns - of featherbands and featherettes. kat has such an eye for artsy-girly-chic style (i want to hire her to be my personal stylist and/or future wedding planner), so i'm thrilled and infinitely proud of her for following her passion. check out the styles she has up now, and you can always email her directly for a custom order:

Friday, January 14, 2011


my roommate, lindsay, worked for teach for america in charlotte last year. she told me this story the other day, and i nearly lost it. one day she asked her students, "if you could go anywhere, where would you go?" she certainly expected to hear something along the lines of greece, australia, europe, etc. instead, one of her students raised their hand and said, "i've always wanted to go to salisbury."

oh kid, you don't even know what you're missing. hit me up whenever you're ready, and i'll show you a real night out on the town.

nice story of the day

this made me all teary-eyed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

touche, cartoon girl.


sometimes i really love this city. and sometimes i really don't.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


words can't express how much i love this song. except maybe the words to the song. that might do the trick.

so who really owns facebook?


thanks, caroline.

pee tree dish [water water everywhere]

please check out this great travel article my best friend, evie, wrote about one of her adventures when she traveled and tree-housed in dominica. this girl makes me die from laughter in real life and with her writing. i wish i could've been there to laugh with her. i probably would have peed my pants from laughing so much (something that may or may not have happened once or twice during our friendship).

Monday, January 10, 2011

i'm going to maine

to see my favorite people in the world and to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday.

so if you need me february 4th-7th, you can check with them.

that's all.

3 fun things

from amy stanley:

"i have an idea. how about you think of 3 fun things you'd like to do this week and we do them
they can be simple like play the office trivia game that i had no idea existed
or crazy like hijack a plane"

my answer:
1. hijack a plane
2. play clue
3. watch the wire

more mellow

if the fact that i've listened to this song over 15 times since amy shared it with me friday isn't indication enough, this will settle any confusion over what type of music i've been listening to all week. mellow. i especially like this one because it goes on and on and makes me feel like someone is hugging me. weird? hopefully not.

iron& wine "the trapeze swinger"

Friday, January 07, 2011

thank you, amy.


why oh why wasn't i on the q train last night (aside from the fact that i don't think i've ever ridden the q)? jake and i could've bumped into each other and talked about all of the things we have in common. i'd be really sarcastic and make fun of him for wearing sunglasses on the subway, and he'd make fun of me for being awkward. and then we could go grab coffee together and discuss why things didn't work out between him and taytay swift. and then he would realize he just wants to settle down with another southern blonde, but this one's really special, and then we'd probably get married next week and things would really pick up around here. i scorn you, my usually great commute! this is all your fault.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

cooking therapy

i'm in the mood to cook tonight. i haven't really eaten much in the past several days because i just haven't had much of an appetite (what?! who am i?). that all changed, however, when i saw jenna's creamy white chicken chili. considering new york might get its second snowpocalypse tomorrow, i'm thinking something warm, spicy and savory will hit the spot tonight and hold me over through the weekend. hopefully lindsay and i will survive, living only off of the wire and whatever rations we can find.

email from my boss

"when things start getting busy..."

punch me panda

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

bangable dudes in history

read this.

and then check this out.

might i say that alexander ham has quite the pair of bedroom eyes.

L O S T still rules the world...


or just a crazy coincidence.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

bye 2010.

10 great GIFs from 2010

by the end of this week

i will have watched the following movies:

- the notebook
- the town (again)
- blue valentine
- going the distance

i believe this is what experts call "unhealthy".

day 983 of my captivity

in case you're wondering, this is what charlie, desmond, and penelope have been up to lately.