Wednesday, January 26, 2011

dear anyone who worked for the new mickey mouse club

dear anyone who worked for the new mickey mouse club,

circa 1993, i wrote to you requesting to be a part of your "meet your favorite celebrity" segment. i actually have no idea if that's what that segment was called because, since i was only 7, i may not have recognized the importance of paying attention to detail. anywhoot, back then, there was one lady whom i really looked up to, and i wanted very badly to meet her.

her name was trini kwan, aka the yellow mighty morphin power ranger, and she was portrayed by thuy trang. if you recall, trini was able to morph into a saber-toothed tiger, and that to me, was really something else. i've never been a big fan of baby pink, and the yellow power ranger was my first realization that girls can be awesome without pink. i even had my mom make me a yellow power ranger costume for halloween that year (julie cline, please tell me a photo of this exists).

now, this is not a post about 7-year old casey, in all of her gap-toothed glory, realizing that girls can be badass. it's a letter to you, whomever you are, asking you to please find the letter i wrote, because i would love nothing more than to read the earnest, heartfelt words of a 7-year old whose favorite celebrity was the yellow mighty morphin power ranger.

i would be forever indebted to you, and would probably read this letter at every family gathering that i attend for the rest of my life. imagine that - you could help create a tradition in my family for years to come!

thank you for your time and consideration.

casey cline

ps - while writing this post, and obviously turning to wikipedia for help, i discovered that thuy trang passed away in a car accident in 2001. in a really weird way, my heart just broke for my 7-year old self.

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