Monday, January 24, 2011

how caroline and i will be spending our february

our ultimate plan is for both our husbands to pass away before we do so that we can then live together, bake and cook and feast, and let ourselves go together. then we'll both buy crazy hats and kitten sweaters and travel the world together, 2 plane seats for each of us at a time.

this is of course after we've lived good long lives just down the street (or next door) from one another in wilmington, nc where we wake up each morning and surf with our husbands and then she teaches and i write hilarious things and we laugh and play all the day long.

oh what a good life we'll lead.

ps - in writing all of that, i totally forgot about the entire reason i was posting this. so i just reread the hot chocolate month and got all excited all over again. ohmylanta, i can't wait!

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