Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i won clue!

last night was a really momentous occasion for me: i won clue for the first time! i only played for the first time last year, and amy and caroline made fun of me because i lost so badly. the reason for that was because i was playing honestly! i was making legit guesses and i didn't understand that clue is all about strategizing. anyway, it took me a little while to catch on, but i finally did. i guess that means i'm just such an honest person. i'm a modern day abraham lincoln. anyway, lindsay impulsively bought the harry potter version of clue this weekend after caroline found it on amazon, and it came yesterday. of course i would win clue whenever we're playing the harry potter version (which is ah-maze-in [that's my british accent... pretty good right?]). i highly recommend it. it even reignited my harry potter reading. if you recall, i'd started rereading all 7 books, but since new year's, i haven't really read much (until this morning when i picked up where i left off in the third book). anyway, thanks harry potter clue. you're top notch.

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