Thursday, January 27, 2011

jumpin' jammer'z

last night lindsay and i went to see totally j/k at ucb. joe wengert was one of the comedians and did a great stand-up bit about when he found adult footie pajamas in a sky mall magazine. he talked about how the slogans mentioned that these "jumpin' jammer'z" are great for "dancin' and goofin' around," and how he wrote the company with a few new slogan ideas of his own: "dancin' (cause that one's still good), goofin' around (same), horsin' around (slightly different. you know if you've done it), losin' a court case, shamin' your parents, embracin' your virginity," and best of all, "nighttime cryin'."

anyway, lindsay and i realized at the same moment that i need a pair of jumpin' jammer'z. yes i do. YES I DO. my birthday is only a month and a day away (don't ask dumb questions. obviously the hooded grey mouse jammer'z).

plus, i forgot that i'd seen this masterpiece. ryan gosling, babydaddy, we have so much in common. have your people call my people. just kidding, i don't have people.

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