Thursday, January 20, 2011

little psycho

do you want to know one example, of MANY, why desmond halpert cline is a little psycho? (as in he is small and VERY psycho, not just a smidge psycho).

take a look at this photo:

that's desmond. in his dog crate. at the door to our living room. do you see the other door in the far background with the little glimmer of my salmon-colored robe? that's my bedroom door, and the door that desmond managed to open before he then managed to get over the door jam, around the table, and wedged perfectly at the living room door. all while in his dog crate.

he. is. psycho.

his determination alone is to be admired, but i'm worried about his sweet little nose. he has a spot that he's rubbed raw from inside his crate. and lord knows all the scratching that he does to shimmy himself over probably isn't good for his little paws. then again, he's a dog, so i guess he's inclined to be able to rough it. that can't be normal though, right?!

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