Tuesday, January 18, 2011

states' [maybe] favorite foods

kristyn over at my food looks funny put together this map of what she imagines each state's favorite food is.

and just to answer her question, And Rhode Islanders, please, what the hell is coffee milk?: coffee milk is a godsend. my boss alana is from rhode island and raves about it, so we had a little taste test last week. the verdict: it's like the coffee ice cream that you're sharing with jake gyllenhaal and/or john krasinski melted into a cloud, and now you're drinking the melted ice cream from the cloud and laughing with jake/john about how wonderful life is, and oh, look over there, it's a baby deer learning how to walk. that's how good coffee milk is.

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Matt said...


Read this yesterday. Just glad ole NC and our Bojangles and Cheerwine didn't make the list.