Thursday, January 20, 2011

valentine's shmalentine's

valentine's day honestly makes me think of cheap plastic and old chocolate. i'd much rather have my significant other tell me/show me that they love me every day than get a cheap card from them.

in high school, my best friend lindsay church and i invented a little guy named santa valentine, and we wrote up tons of cards with messages like, "go love everyone, but don't be skanky. have a happy day. love, santa valentine" and "have a merry day, lovebird. love, santa valentine." i wish i still had all those (i might, considering that i still have all of my notes from middle and high school saved. ahh! read-a-thon next time i'm home!) anyway, i think i like santa valentine better than cupid.

also, st. patrick's day trumps valentine's day for me if for no other reason than kelly green is one of my favorite colors, and baby pink is far from it.

blog ps/update: in response to amy stan's comment on this post, i feel i should add the fact that while valentine's day definitely makes me think of plastic and old chocolate, that doesn't mean i don't buy into it. i just don't BUY things from drug stores (said plastic, stuffed animals, sappy half-hearted cards, and old chocolate). i will, however, eat fresh chocolate. from anywhere. at anytime. and i will tell people i love them, cause if there's something that i do love, it's letting people know how i feel about them (but only sincerely and for extra special peeps). anyway, point is, this sounds way more cynical than i meant it to. i mean, when lindsay and i delivered our santa valentine cards, we did so with hugs and "i love you"'s. so, thanks amy. let's do it up this year. just don't buy me a card from duane reade.

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Amy said...

I'm going to disagree with you cline-monster. I love valentines day! I always think of my mom making us a big breakfast and she always had little presents and cards set up on the table. Kathy Stanley uses any opportunity to decorate a table, ha.

I'm going to make you like vday this year, just you wait!

ps. my aunt jenny believed in a Mr. Valentines day man that was like Santa and went around delivering cards.