Tuesday, February 01, 2011

5 things i wish were real

1. harry potter and all things related. sometimes i wish i was just a muggle-born wizard whose acceptance letter to hogwarts is still on its way.
2. mr. tumnus
3. the zack morris "time out"
4. my "imaginary friend" from childhood. i use that term loosely because i didn't really hang out with him. he would just run alongside any car that i was a passenger in. he had the great talent of being able to jump over any driveway, sidewalk, road, or other concrete surface. poor guy didn't even have a name. just a purpose.
5. this game.

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Ryan said...

Eric and I have been taking the mornings slow this past week with all the snow. Been watching save by the bell 8:00-9:00. Love the time outs. And good ol Mr. Belding. I still have a crush of Zack.