Friday, February 18, 2011

indulgent days

tonight mike + juju caused a mini-breakdown in the elevator, but before that, caroline made me laugh out loud.  really, every time i look at this, i laugh.  i'm even laughing out loud right now as i type this... in my bedroom... by myself.  thanks chumbz.

her accompanying text read: Pic from one of our indulgent days.  Inside Ricky's, licking chocolate off your fingers so we can purchase nail polish.  Idk what I'm gonna do when the day comes that we part.  Probs take you with me.

indulgent days with caroline.  oh man, those are the best.  i'll tell you exactly what happened this day.  we went to our favorite restaurant, westville, for brunch.  we shared their amazing mint lemonade, had great coffee, and i think we split their grilled cheese sandwich and their special frittata (honestly, i don't have a good memory at all... except when it comes to good meals).  for dessert we may or may not have split a piece of their blueberry pie. then we went to get pedicures (maybe even this one):

because we were so tired from such a tough day, we decided to stop by a bakery to get coffee.  that's where we happened to spy a massive chocolate chip cookie that we, of course, split since we'd already indulged in everything else that day.

those, my friends, are the moments that led up to the one captured above at ricky's, where we were no doubt perusing the selection of nail polishes and/or silly bandz (something which we did on numerous occasions last summer).

the reason why this is so LOL-worthy, to us at least, is because of the fervor with which i'm licking the chocolate off my fingers.  i mean, i know there are wars and diseases, and the divorce rate in america is 50%, but GUYS  I HAVE TO GET THIS MELTED CHOCOLATE CHIP OFF MY FINGERS SO THAT I CAN TRY ON ESSIE "MINT CANDY APPLE"!

ps - i just laughed out loud again.

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