Tuesday, February 01, 2011

childish gambino

do y'all know who donald glover is? you should. he currently plays troy barnes on nbc's "community," is well known for his sketch group derrick comedy, used to write for "30 rock," does stand-up, and, oh yeah, he's also a really good rapper under the name childish gambino. ohhhhh, and let me also add that he's 27, and that fact alone makes me want to go to the top of a roof and wave an "i haven't accomplished enough" flag before i do a running swan dive (just kidding. not that suicide is a joke because it's not the answer, and it's also not in the cards for me. i'd be worried about tons of groups hating on me for that comment, but no one reads this blog soooo i'm safe for now, suckers!).

anyway, i suggest you download his album "culdesac" for FREEzies. it's really good, and this is one of my favorite songs off the album. wanna know my favorite part of this song? of course you do, so i'll bestow you with this lyrical gift:

"and this next part, sounds like nonsense
but i swear to god, tina fey gave me confidence
taught me everything that is good comes from honesty
everybody's got a voice, you just gotta follow it
she on a role model shit
from the day that i shook her hand
i knew that i'd never die a broke man..."

i can't say this now, but one day i'll walk up to donald glover and rap that part to him, then stand still, wait for his response, and then when things have really reached the peak of awkwardness, i'll say, "me too, donald. ME TOO!"

what can i say? i'm a girl with big dreams.

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