Monday, February 21, 2011

happy birthday amy!

amy kathryn stanley,
today is your big day!
i hope you know i'll be there for you
when you want to play.
play games that is... or pretend.
i'll be there when it's cold outside,

i'll be there when it's hot.

i'll be there when life gets serious.

and always when it's not.

you know i'll be there for you
until the day i crack

and if ever you lose your footing, girl,
i'll carry you on my back.
at least i'll try my best.
cause you're so fun to be around,
you always have a joke.
you always have a character, a song, a dance, or hoax.

yippee aye ay texas!

you're a true class act, you feisty red.
you're the best of the best of the best.
when you can't finish your full meal
you always share the rest.
valentine's day pie / heart attack.
so here's to 25 great years!
i hope you have lots more.
i'd say your life thus far is telling,
and you've got a lot in store!

happy birthday!

it's my birthday, y'all!

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