Friday, February 04, 2011

happy birthday priscilla!

happy birthday to my sister-in-law, priscilla!

priscilla, if it weren't for you i:

- wouldn't have tried out for cheerleading in middle school
- would still have bushy eyebrows and really bad hair
- and on that note, would have figured out what a hair straightener was far too late in life
- wouldn't be as skilled at driving a stick shift as i am (yes i can drive a stick shift, everyone. do you think i'm cooler now?)
- wouldn't have been as good of a gymnast back in my gymnastics days
- would have a super neurotic, OCD brother (thanks for balancing him out)
- would never have known what the melting pot was. that'd be a real bummer.
- wouldn't have someone in the family to cook with
- would be a far less confident and ambitious person
- obviously wouldn't have any sophia, owen or bun-in-oven oliver to obsess over
- wouldn't be going to maine for this weekend!

i love you and hope you have a great day. see you in a few hours!

look at what priscilla made! what an artist.

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