Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's here!

the grapefruit knife has arrived.

and just like that, my life is changed forever.


grapefruit cutlery: the aftermath.

with my luck, i'll have my bag searched for the first time on the subway tonight.

"ma'am, what is this?"
"well, since you asked! this here is a grapefruit spoon, and this badass weaponry is also known as a grapefruit double knife.  i've named him clancy*."
"okay crazy."

* my roommates and i like to name inanimate objects. clancy just came to me. i admit it's not a very intimidating name, but he's definitely a silent killer.  can you imagine if 2 robbers tried to attack me on both sides, and i had clancy with me?  jab jab. 2 poke killer.

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