Tuesday, February 01, 2011

my birthday wish list

i'm turning 25 this year. i think 10 years ago my friends and i wrote down where we thought we'd be in 10 years' time, and mine probably looked a little somethin' something like this:

- i'm married to erik (my bf at the time. high school casey definitely wanted to marry him, but now i'll take any old john krasinski. meaning john krasinski).
- i have a kid or two.
- i'm an actress.
- i live in new york city.

so, i'm 1/4 of the way there! and now i don't think/know if i want kids so maybe i'm just 1/3 of the way there (assuming i can just substitute writer for actress). progress my peoples, major progress!

anyyyyway (please say this in an ellen-voice), here's my birthday wish list. you have 27 days; set your internal clocks.

1. a ticket to austin city limits / money to buy myself a ticket.
2. a kindle.

now, i've been anti-kindle for quite some time now. i love books. i love paperback books. i like carrying them, i like the way they smell, and i like the progress of turning pages. also, sometimes i use my gum-wrapper as a book mark, and if that's not 'green', i don't know what is.

anyway, first amy's boyfriend lance got a kindle. then amy got a kindle for christmas. and THEN, laura lafalce (my old brooklyn neighbor) got a kindle and SHE is a hardcore bookie. they all rave about it. they all love it. and they all say the same thing: you can still buy books. just only buy the books that you want in your family library (because i like to dream big, i'm pretending that my forever home will have a library), and save the rest for your kindle. plus, i can't lie when i say that i've been toting around 300 lbs. harry potter: prizoner of azcaban and NOT reading it because it's heavy and as soon as i take it out in the subway, the actual train comes and then i'm forced to smush up against a stranger or hold a pole, and i can't do that and read at the same time. also, i want to read at the gym, and surprisingly NOT watch extra or inside edition, and the kindle would really come in handy there.

so anyway, i'm falling for the kindle and i'm okay with it. the only thing i'm concerned about most can be explained best by this tweet from andy daly: "great. my book ran out of batteries. stupid future."

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