Thursday, February 17, 2011

squashing the cynic in me

remember this? you know, when i basically ripped valentine's day a new one?

well, tonight i checked our mail and was surprised to find a card from my mom and dad.  we're fortunate enough to have an elevator in our building, and while it's not the fastest elevator (we named her eloise because sometimes she's a slow as molasses old lady), it definitely doesn't take that long to go up 6 floors.  it certainly doesn't take long enough to have me walk onto the elevator perfectly happy, composed, and normal, only to then walk off on the 6th floor bawling...

On special days
Valentine's Day
ordinary days, too,
please know
that I see you...
I see the path
you've made
that's all your own.
I see the many
unique talents and gifts
you have to share.
I see your brilliance,
your enthusiasm,
and how deeply you care
and, sometimes, hurt.
I see
your hard-earned
your soft
pure innocence,
your courage
and compassion,
your unconditional
I see what a difference you make
in this world...
... and I hope
you know
how very much
I love you,
and how proud
I'll always be
to have a daughter
as wonderful
as you.
Happy Valentine's Day
with Love

 and then in her handwriting that i could recognize from a mile away, my momma wrote:
Mom + Dad
(Please read. I couldn't have written it any better).

... does it?  apparently it does, because when i opened our front door and amy came flying out of the bathroom to play pretend, she was greeted by me, sobbing, and holding the card out to her.

thanks momma + daddy.  for squashing me in those moments when i start to get cynical, for letting me live my own life, and for loving me and letting me know that you do.  i love you.

now someone cue the taylor swift.