Monday, February 14, 2011

weekend recap

this weekend was another great one.  here's a little recap in case you're interested:

- went to see memphis on broadway with caroline and loved it.
- ate homemade coconut chicken fingers (twice!) with caroline (and loved it).
- went to the gym and watched the first episode of veronica mars
- watched the tar heels take down clemson. again. (sorry i'm not sorry, clemson friends!)
- had a great improv practice
- caught up with an old friend who came by to visit
- made mint chocolate chip brownies with amy and caroline
- played harry potter clue with our next door neighbors
- had a 5 hour dance party with our next door neighbors.  for real.  highlights include my hallway slide (below), a few jumping forward rolls down the hallway, when i opened another bottle of wine without a wine tool and wine sprayed all over my face and shirt*, and when the strobe light came out and we imitated this video.
- went to a great 1st improv 401 class at the upright citizen's brigade.  great teacher and great class chemistry.
- had a great improv show

today my neck and body are extremely sore, i have a big knot on my knee and wood-floor burns on my foot, i'm in a bit of a sugar coma, and i'm tired.  well worth it though.  tonight caroline and i are getting manicures and going to get dinner and hot chocolate with lindsay.  hope y'all had a great weekend and are having a great monday!

*this marks the second time i've gotten wine in my eyes.  i've never been a graceful girl.

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Caroline said...

man, this caroline girl sounds like the perfect valentine's partner. just sayin.