Monday, February 07, 2011

what i did this weekend

- watched the episode of the bachelor when emily tells brad about her tragic past. now first of all, i don't watch the bachelor, but this episode made me wish i'd started this season from episode one, in sweatpants with a box of chocolates all for myself. addddicting. it also reminded me that i don't have it so bad. jesus, those scenes ripped my heart out.
- watched forgetting sarah marshall
- cooked/helped cook: shrimp scampi, bacon-wrapped asparagus, buffalo chicken dip, creamy white chicken chili, mozzarella-stuffed meatballs
- helped scarf down baked chocolate custard with butterscotch whipped cream (OH MY GOD), cinnamon rolls, bacon, sunny-side-up eggs, mexicav dip, and homemade caramel apple pecan bread.
- played with owen and sophia
- played in the knee-deep snow with owen, sophia, matthew and priscilla
- went to the hospital where my brother works and saw his "office"
- took owen to rite-aid and turned it into an in-store adventure
- had several races outside rite-aid with owen while strangers stared at us
- had a very insightful conversation with owen that has convinced me that he's the most perceptive 6-year old in the world.
- only took one shower because i figured i should at least look presentable in case we ran into any of my brother's coworkers.

this weekend = perfection

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