Thursday, March 31, 2011

more angry boys

chris lilley, you chameleon, you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

who wants to dress up like this family with me whenever it's time to teach sophia and oliver about potty training?!

also, umm, you guys, why didn't y'all tell me that time travel had been full-on invented?  that's what's happened here, right?  otherwise, how did shiloh jolie-pitt get back to 1990?!  HOW!?

update: the audio is a little hard to understand, so let me just clarify that the lyrics to this song are, "i ain't gonna pee-pee my bed tonight."  that's it.  those are the lyrics.

everything IS fine.

see, i told y'all we had nothing to worry about! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

things i have in common with my niece, sophia.

sophia teaches oliver how to multi-task

1. i'm also particularly fond of the color carolina blue.
2. i can rock some bed-head.
3. i, too, only help others if i'm getting something out of it in return.

photos from the weekend

sometimes i forget that i live in new york, and every so often, i'll look up at the skyscrapers and remember, "oh yeah, i live in new york city.  this is awesome!"  last night on my walk home, something caught my eye, and i had one of those moments.  except this time, it wasn't a building that caught my eye,  but a bunch of balloons stuck in a tree.  pardon the inner artsy freak in me, but something about the mix of colors, the fact that they were stuck in the tree, and the lighting (the sun was setting and the reflecting sunlight was incredible) stopped me in my tracks.  looking at just the balloons in the tree made me think of a suburban birthday party, but the very metropolitan building in the background created this juxtaposition that was honestly kind of jarring to me.  it made me think about my life now and my life in the past and future, and blah blah blah LIFE! ART! JUXTAPOSITION!

i also took a trip to a tattoo parlor with two lovely ladies.  only 2 out of 3 of us left with tattoos.
hey little dove

and my dad sent me this little before haircut + after haircut that he put together of my baby boy, desmond.

sadly d-money had to have two baths this weekend.  one saturday morning because he got into some spilled milkshake last weekend (yes, i waited a week), and another sunday morning because saturday night we had a bit of a shitstorm.  you see, little baber here has a dirty, dirty vice.  he loves to eat worn underwear.  and when i say "eat," i don't mean he likes to nibble.  i mean he likes to find and sometimes dig furiously into laundry baskets for dirty, worn panties.  and then he proceeds to EAT THE MIDDLE.  a.k.a. the part that protects ladies' hoo-has.  desmond has eaten approximately 20 pairs of panties.  that is NOT, i repeat, NOT an exaggeration.  my debit card and receipts from victoria's secret to repay my roommates can prove it.  anyway, his little demon body used to be able to handle luxurious stretch-cotton, but apparently it no longer can because homeboy had a poopfest in my room while i was asleep saturday night.  it smelled so bad that dog poo made an appearance in my dream in the form of someone commenting about the strong smell of the dream poop, before i awoke to the reality of real poop in my room.  what i didn't realize was that before i woke up, desmond had eaten some of his nasty poo, so i ended up waking up three more times to the sound and smell of desmond barfing up his poo.  and not just by the door like his first vomit session - ooooh no - little desmond chose to throw up IN the luggage bag that i keep stored under my bed.  the luggage bag that i store my purses in.  and then he threw up again in his carrier bag.

once my sleepy rage subsided and i finished my 2nd batch of laundry within 24 hours, i actually had him to thank, because now i have a bag of purses (clean purses that didn't get shturved on them) to give away, and a super clean and reorganized under-bed space.  spring cleaning at its finest!

ps - i didn't get another tattoo, everyone stop freaking out from excitement and/or rage, depending on who you are!

hi, i'm clint.

an exchange of work emails from this afternoon. for anonymity, i've changed names.

my first email:
hi maggie,
i know john doe is away for the next 2 weeks and he looped you into this conversation.
we're close to booking, but just want to confirm whether or not this itinerary is still available for kevin arnold?
please let us know when you can.
thank you,

her reply:
I’ve emailed you an itinerary for these flights in Business class. The airfare is $1971.30 and the ticket must be issued by Thursday, 31Mar.

my follow-up email:
hi maggie,
not sure if you meant to send this to me or someone else... ?
please let us know regarding kevin's flight when you have a chance. he would be flying aeromexico coach.
thank you,

and her reply:
Sorry, Clint… it is for you. New itinerary being emailed for a coach ticket. FYI, it must be issued tomorrow.

now, i understand that casey cline is an asexual name, and i really don't mind the few times when people have assumed from emails alone that i'm male, but this is really taking it to a new level.

everything's fine

listen everyone, please don't lose your cool - it's really not that big of a deal - buuuuuut... a poisonous egyptian cobra is on the loose.

pens vs. pencils

why did it take me until college to realize that in the battle of pens vs. pencils, pens always win?

Friday, March 25, 2011

yes! a thousand times yes! (angry boys)

if you're not familiar with chris lilley, well then, familiarize yourself.  he created, wrote, and starred in the australian mockumentary summer heights high, in which he plays the three lead characters: "mr. g; self-absorbed, privileged teenager ja'mie king; and disobedient, vulgar tongan student jonah takalua." (yes, i did steal that straight from wikipedia).  please check out this clip to experience the epic mr. g.

i LOVED this show, so you can imagine my excitement when i found this clip of his new show angry boys on splitsider this afternoon:

i'm peeing my pants with giddy delight.  chris lilley makes me laugh so hard that i hold him personally responsible for 20% of any definition that i have in my abs.

steve jobs' stanford commencement speech 2005

kettle of fish: benefit for japan

last night my improv group, jeff fahey is TRON, held our monthly improv show at triple crown in new york. this particular show, however, was a little different, since only a week before did poupak, our group's fearless leader, have the idea that we should turn our show into a benefit for japan.

cut to one week and tons of emails later, and our event turned out a big crowd (we packed our usual performance space), lots of laughs, tons of prizes that we raffled and auctioned off, and... drumroll please... we raised $1,800. in one night.

thank you to everyone who came out, everyone who bought a raffle ticket, everyone who bid for the auction prizes, everyone who donated, and everyone for their support.

when i first moved to new york, i knew that i wanted to sign up for classes at the upright citizen's brigade, but i was intimidated by the city itself and by the idea of stepping foot inside of a place that's been the home and jumping-off point to so many talented people. part of me felt like i would never belong. who was i to just move to new york and expect to make it? i let thoughts like that float around in my brain for too long. but as i took more classes and met more people and made more friends, i realized that, as is always the case, i let myself get in my own way, and all it took was a little faith and opening up.

this little community of misfits is a wonderful one, and i'm very thankful to be a part of it. thank you to everyone for helping make last night such a success.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

late night with jimmy fallon - charlie sheen: 'winning' for men

want to know what i'm not a fan of? everyone quoting charlie sheen.

want to know what i am a fan of? jimmy fallon impersonating charlie sheen.

seth meyers can't stop laughing

i've wanted to marry seth meyers for a good long while now, and this clip of his appearance on martha stewart's men who make us laugh, specifically his uncontrollable giggling laughter, makes that desire all the more real. it makes me want to go all isla fisher from wedding crashers on him. that is unless you're reading this, seth, in which case, i'm definitely more like rachel mcadams in that movie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bill hader on how he got on snl

conan's first lady of comedy (and god and science and other stuff)

how freaking interesting is this interview between marie claire and stand-up comedian / conan writer, laurie kilmartin? the correct answer is: I found it VERY interesting.  this is my blog, so i'm always right.  sort of like if god had a blog (he does; it's called the universe.  it's a live-action blog.).  and if you don't believe in god, but still read my blog then my simile for you is: sort of like if science had a blog (it does; it's called proof and facts that were discovered via research and tests and such).

and that, my friends, is how you cast a wide net and catch a lot of fish.  that's a metaphor for me appealing to both religious and non-religious readers.

wow, digression is a slippery, slippery slope, y'all.  be careful out there.

help elisa and nathan in their joint fight against cancer

kate spencer is a "comedian, writer, performer and yoga teacher."  she's also a new momma, pop culture connoisseur, and someone i've never met in person.  regardless, i follow her blog and felt the need to share this post in particular.

celeste and jesse forever

i'm very, very excited about this.  here's why:

1. reading rashida jones's description of the movie made my emotions swell a bit and almost made me tear up.  i mean, admittedly, i'm a little emotional today, but come on, how sincere and genuine is that?  it reminds me of the break up.  i was excited about the cast, but then ended up loving it because it felt so real (for the most part).  real funny, and real tears streaming down my face.

2. i have a big crush on rashida jones.  she's beautiful and talented, and wait what?!  she writes, too?  oh girl, you are a lady after my own heart.

3. yes, real dialogue!  i love me some real, honest dialogue.  and for the ladies!?  sign me up.  i want to go on that journey, too, rashishi (that's what i'd call her if we were friends in real life, and she would call me "kk" or "ka-CC" but you would spell it caseysey, or casey-c.  whichever floats your boat.)

4. andy samberg trying on the dramedy pants! ohhh boy, i believe in you.  you can do it!

5. with these two on board, i'm hoping/assuming the rest of the cast will be pretty strong.

whenever this gets a release date, you better believe i'll be jotting it down in my planner, and circling it in a heart in big sharpie-red marker.

go into the story: screenwriting 101: darren aronofsky

Go Into The Story: Screenwriting 101: Darren Aronofsky: "'First you start with an idea, then you start to flesh out the structure, and that's a long process. I think that's where we spend a lot of time, just figuring out the structure... all the acts... the beats of the story. And then comes the great leap which is the first draft, I call it 'the muscle draft,' where you just muscle it out. You don't worry about what you're missing, you just get through it, get to the end... You find that a lot of novice screenwriters will spend years on the first act and it'll turn into the best first act in the world, but you need to have the whole picture. I think I read an interview with George Lucas saying that the best advice he got from Coppola was, 'Just get through it.'"

-- Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Pi)

From "Screenwriters' Masterclass: Screenwriters Talk About Their Greatest Movies," edited by Kevin Conroy Scott

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

regular jeans be damned!

man, woman, animal; i don't care.  i want to marry whomever is responsible for inventing jeggings.

will arnett + ricky gervais on the office

omg. this is a goldmine. yes yes yes dvr. do your thang!

i wish there had been s'mores

last night my roommates and i went onto our apartment building's roof and the inner pyros in us came out. we burned some things, and i burned my thumb, and we are all the smokier for it. we brought a bucket of water with us for safe measure, and only afterward did we realize that we'd set the bucket directly on top of a dead bird's carcass. it was beyond decomposed, so all that was left were a few feathers and the bony structure of the birds's wings. it made us feel super creepy and black magic-y. rest in peace bird. i only wish that we'd thought to bring graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and been able to share some s'mores with you.

it looked a little like the last time we burned something on the roof, except not at all.
cupcakes on the roof for caroline's 25th birthday in september

Monday, March 21, 2011

tar heels!

tar heels!  you are killing me here.  making me mad with your near-losses, and then making me happy with your clutch wins.  and now you have to go and make me melt with your awe-stricken faces when meeting michael jordan.  john henson, STOP IT WITH THAT BABY FACE.  you are too baby-cute to have such adult skills. i want to put you all in my pocket and carry you around with me so i can bring you out whenever i go to parties.

Friday, March 18, 2011

coming soon...

lots of updates including, but not limited to:

my life!
harry potter world (i know i still owe y'all a recap)!
this weekend!
my steadily increasing usage of the exclamation mark/point!

is it exclamation mark or point?  i guarantee you'll start second guessing yourself as soon as you think you know which it is.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


st. patty's day + coffee + new nephew + spring + march madness = i am HYPER

like, i am bouncing off the walls, y'all.  someone may need to come put me down.


i will try my very best not to turn this into a how to be a sickly obsessed aunt blog, but oh my ever loving good god jesus would you look at these photos?!

welcome oliver matthew cline!

my second nephew was born today.

oliver matthew cline
march 17, 2011
6 lbs., 15 oz.
19 inches long

i couldn't be more thrilled.
nothing has ever meant more to me than being an aunt.
i remember the moment that i first held owen, my first nephew.  this wave of emotion swept over me and i honestly and genuinely thought to myself with tears in my eyes, "this little person is part of me.  he shares my blood.  he is half of my brother, and half of priscilla, and i love them all so much."  a bit dramatic?  yes.  but here i was holding the little human that my older, idol of a brother helped create.

since i was in new york when my niece, sophia, was born i was worried that somehow she wouldn't love me as much, since i wouldn't be able to drop everything and drive 2 hours home from school to spend a weekend with her every now and then (like i often did in college with owen).  but to my very delightful surprise, that has not been the case.  every time i hang out with sophia, i feel like she loves me just as much, if not more, than the time before.  and owen will always be my little best friend.  i can already tell that i will be his annoying (but hopefully cool... oh god, please let him think i'm cool) aunt.  he already rolls his eyes at me to let me know that i'm oh-so-weird.  but he still likes to compete with me and show off to me and share things with me.  and every now and then he still lets me play "airplane" with him.

so, i'm thrilled to meet oliver as soon as possible.  hopefully i can go visit in maine in early may.  and i know that no matter where i am in the world, the three little people that i love so much will always love me back.

congratulations matthew, priscilla, owen and sophia on your newest addition.  love you all!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

friends with benefits

justin timberlake. you've killed it time and again on saturday night live, and still, i was really hesitant about you in the social network. that is until i saw it and realized that you were actually really good in it. and now i find the trailer to friends with benefits, and i'm surprised that i really want to see this! look at that cast! look at golden globe nominee and girl crush, mila kunis! you go on and bring sexy back! unless that's too old of a reference now. oh, who cares. you go, JT, you go! i promise i won't hate anymore.


um, i am so looking forward to this.

i sat in a small room and listened to, and then met paul feig once. it was a great moment in my i-really-want-to-do-this-for-a-living history.

single white feline

this cat is a lot like a cat i know... charles charlie.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

march madness

do y'all think obama calls his "barackets?"

hindsight 20/20

looking back, i think ke$ha's song blow would be a better fitting theme song for the hills than natasha beddingfield's unwritten. i mean, here's a little lyric sample:

we're pretty and sick, we're young and we're bored.

right? RIGHT?!

plus, the song is called blow.


a brief history of title design

i found this via best week ever. thanks best week ever!

basically, this guy, ian albinson, put together a cool montage of title sequences from film and tv, from 1916 to present day for south by southwest. i give him an A+ alone for the music (rjd2 "ghostwriter"), and an extra few +s for effort, editing, creative thought, and overall execution.

also, i played a game with myself where i tried to name the movie or show where some of the untitled sequences came from. i won that game!

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

the miracle of the daffy jesus lizard

here's another great one from randall.

by the way, he has one about the american bullfrog. now, if you know me, you know i hate frogs. i'm scared of them, and that is NOT a joke. i stupidly tried to watch the bullfrog one and had to stop because i thought i was going to be sick. sorry randy!

good morning

a few things to note after my weekend:

- happy birthday greg! saturday was greg's birthday, and we celebrated with an all-night game of flip cup at greg and delia's in brooklyn. we kept rotating teams so there was never any permanent dream team between greg, delia, becky, dave, chip, caroline, lindsay and me, but i will say that chip and i (and then caroline and i... notice the pattern) dominated towards the end of the night. with a little saturday night live and chris farley-esque outburts peppered in, saturday night was a perfect birthday celebration. greg's birthday also kicks off the week that everyone and their momma was born. seriously, i know so many people who were born this week, it's freaky. i also know of a certain little baby bean who has not budged since he caused his momma to go into a false labor a week or so ago. come on oliver! we're waiting on you, chief.

- my dreams have been so vivid lately. last night i dreamed that i was going on some sort of sailing trip with a few people including an old neighborhood friend and my best pal who's living it up in martinique, evie. there was all of this prep going into the sailing trip and then all of a sudden i was in some apartment building with desmond, and a homeless woman came up to me in an elevator sticking a crayola marker out at me like a gun. i ignored her since i figured she couldn't do any harm to me, and then when i was outside, there she was again, only this time she was carrying an umbrella. she walked up to me and i said, "what? you're going to start swinging that around and hitting people?" and then i woke up.

- 127 hours is great, and james franco rocked it. i want to watch it again!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

such a wonderful story

during new york's big christmas 2010 blizzard, a brooklyn man (and fellow ucb'er), todd bieber, found a canister of film in the snow in prospect park and set out on an adventure to find the owners.  read the story here, and i dare you to not fall in love with it.

acc tournament power rankings: “mad men" edition

warning: the LOST and mad men links contain spoilers.  consider yourself warned.

my friends over at have done it again - combining two of my favorite things (unc basketball and tv) - with their acc tournament power rankings.  last year, they gave us the LOST edition, and this year they've brought it to us mad men style.  the LOST edition was great, but i think they've outdone themselves on this round - i laughed out loud multiple times, and their comparisons are pretty perfect.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

crazy dreams part 2

you can read about part 1 here.

part 2 comes from lindsay, who sent amy, caroline, and me the following email today.

I had a dream last night that involved our entire apt (except Lance) and I really hope it's indicative of adventures to come: 

so we all did something against the law. I don't know what exactly it was, but it was bad, because we were living in hiding and the police were out to get us. And the punishment was the death penalty. yikes. so we were camped out in this cute little house, and there were clothes EVERYWHERE. like, no one ever picked up their stuff. we couldn't leave the house, so we made money by having a top secret peep show in the back room window. Someone would come by, tap the window, and one of us would flash the viewer for $10. desperate times call for desperate measures i guess. one time this guy didnt want to pay, and someone's go-go gadget arms (probably carolines) reach out and punched him to get it back. you go girl! Some one ended up ratting us out though, probably said punched man. we heard the sirens headed our way, so we had to make a run for it! there was no time to pack anything, just grab our money and hop in a car. luckily, we managed to bring 2 suitcases along with us. One was filled with travel sized toiletries, the other was filled with Desmond, Penelope and Charlie. then we drove off.

That's when I woke up - to this very real story happening below my window: 
These two guys were arguing, something about how guy 1 touched guy 2's girl. anyway, guy 2 approaches some cops and demands guy 1 be arrested - he was invoking his citizen's arrest rights. The cops said they couldn't do anything b/c they didnt see anything, and homeboy 2 went OFF. Like tried to fight, and the cops had to restrain him and eventually arrested him. the whole time, guy 1 was laughing at him. what a dummie. 

I REALLY WANT TO KNOW IF WE GOT AWAY IN MY DREAM THOUGH!! Or what our original crime was. Hopefully it will continue tonight...

oh dear god, i hope it continues tonight, too.  this dream made me laugh out loud the entire time i was reading it.  my favorite parts are the peep show and the suitcase of pets.

quotes with casey cline

“I had My Little Ponies. I was obsessed with the idea of a creature that was born with something magical that sort of made them the misfit in the world of the stallion. I’m actually quite obsessed with unicorns. They are in essence a mythical creature. The unicorn is born magical and it’s not the unicorn’s fault and it doesn’t make it any more or less special or any less unique but it can’t help that it was born with that magic.”
- Lady GaGa on the Big Top 40 radio show in the UK

i'm sorry, kitty, but i need to address a few things about this quote.

1. a unicorn isn't, in essence, a mythical creature.  it IS a mythical creature.
2. i think you were probably obsessed with my little ponies because everyone was.  because you were a little girl, and little girls very often like things like my little ponies, and barbies, and my pretty ballerina dolls.  sometimes even little boys like stuff like that, but mostly because they're shiny and pretty.  gaga, i dig your tunes, and i admire and agree with your message of love and acceptance, but come on.
3. haven't unicorns always been awesome?  in all my 25 years, i don't think i've ever met anyone who hated on a unicorn.

crazy dreams

the the night before last, i dreamed that amy, lance, caroline, lindsay and i were all in school at a hogwarts-like school.  it wasn't hogwarts, or necessarily even wizarding school (although it might have been, but now i can't remember), but the architecture was like hogwarts and there were 4 school houses.  something terrible was happening and it was dark and stormy outside.  everyone was panicked... i think voldemort or someone like him was coming.  all 4 houses were meeting in the great hall so that everyone could all stick together.  an ex of mine was there, too, and his house master was conan o'brien.  i remember thinking, "damnit, not only is this scary, but i don't want to have to run into said ex. BUT i do really want to hang out with conan!"

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

blast from the past

thank you, yet again, best article every day, for providing the best article today.  you're true to your name.

today's article is a list of 15 of the best 90's tv shows from nickelodeon, and they nailed it!

i couldn't have compiled a better list, and i wish i could narrow this one down to my top 5, but it's soooo hard!  hard like winning legends of the hidden temple.  hard like how i laughed when i found out omar gooding is cuba's older brother.  hard like how badly i wanted to be alex mack.

true story: for a very long time when i was little, my best friend was my neighbor josh bumgarner.  my mom used to tease me and say that we would end up like vada and thomas from my girl, except for the whole major allergic reaction part.  anyway, josh used to have a my buddy doll and i had a kid sister doll, and we used to always climb up to his top bunk and sit on the edge with our dolls while we watched all that.  the point of this was so that when we laughed, we would hopefully laugh so hard that we fell off the bed. man, josh and i were real smart.  i rationalize it now by saying that even from a young age, i wanted comedy to affect me physically.

Monday, March 07, 2011

the wizarding world of harry potter recap part 1: the food

so the wizarding world of harry potter exceeded expectations.  i'll post more later, but first, let me get to the good stuff.  the good, greasy, guilty stuff: food!  and if you need one, here's a preview: we had french fries every single day.  oh, be still my probably irregularly beating fatty heart.

- spinach salad from the airport with chickpeas, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, green peppers, black beans, and balsamic vinaigrette
- yogurt covered pretzels* on the plane
- small fries and shared a chocolate frosty with amy once we landed in orlando

- chick-fil-a!!! i love me some chicky-fil-a, and am severely disappointed that nyc only has one that's only accessible if you're an nyu student, or super savvy.  i still plan on using lindsay and caroline's grad student statuses to my advantage and sneaking myself in somehow.  i had an 8-piece chicken nugget meal with fries, polynesian sauce, and amy, lance, and i shared a banana pudding milkshake.  holy mother.  i beg you, please do yourself a favor and go get one of these.  ignore the nutrition facts, just close your eyes and pretend you're still 5 and can eat whatever you want, or get it without whip cream if you must, but PLEASE TRY THIS MILKSHAKE.  it is hands down one of the best milkshakes i've ever had.  there are even little pieces of vanilla wafer in it.  jesus mcgeesus, chick-fil-a.  just when i think you can't get any better, you go and prove me wrong.  i just wish that i could stop craving you most on sundays (yes, we did plan to go back sunday), because i forget every single time that you're closed.  foiled by the christians yet again!
- faced with the difficult decision between arby's and taco bell, i bravely chose a chicken fresco burrito and nachos supreme from the latter.

- a thomas cinnamon raisin bagel thin with jif creamy peanut butter
- a bacon cheeseburger with fries, and shared a vanilla chocolate milkshake with stefanie from mel's diner at universal studios
- shared a turkey leg with amy, lance, and stefanie
- on our ride home we stopped at chili's and all four of us shared chips + salsa and southwestern egg rolls.  then amy and i shared a bbq chicken salad and carribean salad.  oh, and we all indulged in the 2-for-1 margarita happy hour.
- some late-night, post-dance party tostitos and queso may have happened

- one brown sugar pop-tart and half of a cinnamon raisin bagel thin with peanut butter
- an asiago ranch chicken club, fries, and diet coke from wendy's
- 1.5 corn dogs
- then we left the park, feeling very much like little kids about to cry because their birthday party is over, and drove over to hillstone where the four of us shared spinach artichoke dip, stefanie and i split the fried jumbo shrimp and coleslaw and each had a glass of pinot grigio, and then the four of us shared key lime pie and the warm 5-nut brownie

*clearly i was on the right path with my salad while waiting in jfk, but those yogurt covered pretzels are a dangerous slippery slope.  two falls ago i went on a trip to miami with my coworkers and while we were in jfk we each decided to get some treats for the plane ride.  as it is, i'm a terrible speaker: i'm not eloquent, i mumble, and i often trip over my own words. that's why i like to write, because at least this way i can prove to my friends and family that despite the nonsense that sometimes spills out of my mouth, i do have coherent thoughts.  anyway, i was standing with my coworkers when i spotted my favorite sweet treat.  the fact that i was also chewing gum didn't help, because i pointed and announced as though i had marbles in my mouth, "gogurt covered pretzels!" with every intention to run over to them and snatch them up.  honestly, i was like a little troll.  we all stopped dead in our tracks and died laughing.

on a more serious note, i realized as i typed all of this post that we are well on our way to being spokespeople for this is why you're fat.

oh, and today's lunch?  salad.  my body neeeeeeeded some greens.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

my take on charlie sheen...

is the same take that everyone has on charlie sheen, except, of course, charlie sheen.  i want to put him in a glass box and watch what happens. this celebrity spiral out of control is really of epic proportions.  i wish we could all laugh with him, but he's not laughing.  he's not, so we have to laugh at him.  charlie, i know you read my blog, so please, please get the help you so urgently need.

muammar gaddafi charlie sheen quiz

the official charlie sheen lexicon

charlie sheen quotes as new yorker cartoons

the wizarding world of harry potter

today is the day that all of my dreams come true!  amy, lance, stefanie and i are going to the wizarding world of harry potter!  to commemorate this event, i've decided to share with y'all one of my most personal and prized possessions: a photo that was taken of my best friends and me during our 5th year at hogwarts.

apparently i missed the "we're doing the patronus pose" memo.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

important questions with casey cline

who do you think is a better big spoon?

jake gyllenhaal
ryan gosling

again, please consider.
jake gyllenhaal
ryan gosling.
ohmylanta, the puppy dog face is killer here.  so is rachey rach mcadams. girl crush!

dear god, make me a bird. so i could fly far. far far away from here, and into a situation (for real, not pretend) where i am allowed to discover the answer to this question.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

happy national peanut butter lover's day!

i had no idea how important today was until i read julie's post.

umm, y'all know how much i love peanut butter, right?  RIGHT?

i've blogged about it several times.  like the time that jif and i broke up then got back together, then broke up again for good (although we still hook up every now and then).  what about the time that i found heaven on earth, or when i discovered the best combo ever.

holy mackerel.  i know what i'm having for dinner tonight.

a very merry national peanut butter lover's day to you and yours!

thank you so much ben and jerry!

how ever did you know that yesterday was my birthday?!  this is so thoughtful.  the "fudge covered potato chip clusters" reminds me of the momofuku milk bar compost cookie (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, chocolate chips).

as usher so succinctly put it, "OH MY GOD."