Tuesday, March 08, 2011

blast from the past

thank you, yet again, best article every day, for providing the best article today.  you're true to your name.

today's article is a list of 15 of the best 90's tv shows from nickelodeon, and they nailed it!

i couldn't have compiled a better list, and i wish i could narrow this one down to my top 5, but it's soooo hard!  hard like winning legends of the hidden temple.  hard like how i laughed when i found out omar gooding is cuba's older brother.  hard like how badly i wanted to be alex mack.

true story: for a very long time when i was little, my best friend was my neighbor josh bumgarner.  my mom used to tease me and say that we would end up like vada and thomas from my girl, except for the whole major allergic reaction part.  anyway, josh used to have a my buddy doll and i had a kid sister doll, and we used to always climb up to his top bunk and sit on the edge with our dolls while we watched all that.  the point of this was so that when we laughed, we would hopefully laugh so hard that we fell off the bed. man, josh and i were real smart.  i rationalize it now by saying that even from a young age, i wanted comedy to affect me physically.

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