Wednesday, March 23, 2011

celeste and jesse forever

i'm very, very excited about this.  here's why:

1. reading rashida jones's description of the movie made my emotions swell a bit and almost made me tear up.  i mean, admittedly, i'm a little emotional today, but come on, how sincere and genuine is that?  it reminds me of the break up.  i was excited about the cast, but then ended up loving it because it felt so real (for the most part).  real funny, and real tears streaming down my face.

2. i have a big crush on rashida jones.  she's beautiful and talented, and wait what?!  she writes, too?  oh girl, you are a lady after my own heart.

3. yes, real dialogue!  i love me some real, honest dialogue.  and for the ladies!?  sign me up.  i want to go on that journey, too, rashishi (that's what i'd call her if we were friends in real life, and she would call me "kk" or "ka-CC" but you would spell it caseysey, or casey-c.  whichever floats your boat.)

4. andy samberg trying on the dramedy pants! ohhh boy, i believe in you.  you can do it!

5. with these two on board, i'm hoping/assuming the rest of the cast will be pretty strong.

whenever this gets a release date, you better believe i'll be jotting it down in my planner, and circling it in a heart in big sharpie-red marker.

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