Wednesday, March 09, 2011

crazy dreams part 2

you can read about part 1 here.

part 2 comes from lindsay, who sent amy, caroline, and me the following email today.

I had a dream last night that involved our entire apt (except Lance) and I really hope it's indicative of adventures to come: 

so we all did something against the law. I don't know what exactly it was, but it was bad, because we were living in hiding and the police were out to get us. And the punishment was the death penalty. yikes. so we were camped out in this cute little house, and there were clothes EVERYWHERE. like, no one ever picked up their stuff. we couldn't leave the house, so we made money by having a top secret peep show in the back room window. Someone would come by, tap the window, and one of us would flash the viewer for $10. desperate times call for desperate measures i guess. one time this guy didnt want to pay, and someone's go-go gadget arms (probably carolines) reach out and punched him to get it back. you go girl! Some one ended up ratting us out though, probably said punched man. we heard the sirens headed our way, so we had to make a run for it! there was no time to pack anything, just grab our money and hop in a car. luckily, we managed to bring 2 suitcases along with us. One was filled with travel sized toiletries, the other was filled with Desmond, Penelope and Charlie. then we drove off.

That's when I woke up - to this very real story happening below my window: 
These two guys were arguing, something about how guy 1 touched guy 2's girl. anyway, guy 2 approaches some cops and demands guy 1 be arrested - he was invoking his citizen's arrest rights. The cops said they couldn't do anything b/c they didnt see anything, and homeboy 2 went OFF. Like tried to fight, and the cops had to restrain him and eventually arrested him. the whole time, guy 1 was laughing at him. what a dummie. 

I REALLY WANT TO KNOW IF WE GOT AWAY IN MY DREAM THOUGH!! Or what our original crime was. Hopefully it will continue tonight...

oh dear god, i hope it continues tonight, too.  this dream made me laugh out loud the entire time i was reading it.  my favorite parts are the peep show and the suitcase of pets.

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