Wednesday, March 09, 2011

crazy dreams

the the night before last, i dreamed that amy, lance, caroline, lindsay and i were all in school at a hogwarts-like school.  it wasn't hogwarts, or necessarily even wizarding school (although it might have been, but now i can't remember), but the architecture was like hogwarts and there were 4 school houses.  something terrible was happening and it was dark and stormy outside.  everyone was panicked... i think voldemort or someone like him was coming.  all 4 houses were meeting in the great hall so that everyone could all stick together.  an ex of mine was there, too, and his house master was conan o'brien.  i remember thinking, "damnit, not only is this scary, but i don't want to have to run into said ex. BUT i do really want to hang out with conan!"

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