Monday, March 14, 2011

good morning

a few things to note after my weekend:

- happy birthday greg! saturday was greg's birthday, and we celebrated with an all-night game of flip cup at greg and delia's in brooklyn. we kept rotating teams so there was never any permanent dream team between greg, delia, becky, dave, chip, caroline, lindsay and me, but i will say that chip and i (and then caroline and i... notice the pattern) dominated towards the end of the night. with a little saturday night live and chris farley-esque outburts peppered in, saturday night was a perfect birthday celebration. greg's birthday also kicks off the week that everyone and their momma was born. seriously, i know so many people who were born this week, it's freaky. i also know of a certain little baby bean who has not budged since he caused his momma to go into a false labor a week or so ago. come on oliver! we're waiting on you, chief.

- my dreams have been so vivid lately. last night i dreamed that i was going on some sort of sailing trip with a few people including an old neighborhood friend and my best pal who's living it up in martinique, evie. there was all of this prep going into the sailing trip and then all of a sudden i was in some apartment building with desmond, and a homeless woman came up to me in an elevator sticking a crayola marker out at me like a gun. i ignored her since i figured she couldn't do any harm to me, and then when i was outside, there she was again, only this time she was carrying an umbrella. she walked up to me and i said, "what? you're going to start swinging that around and hitting people?" and then i woke up.

- 127 hours is great, and james franco rocked it. i want to watch it again!

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