Monday, March 28, 2011

hi, i'm clint.

an exchange of work emails from this afternoon. for anonymity, i've changed names.

my first email:
hi maggie,
i know john doe is away for the next 2 weeks and he looped you into this conversation.
we're close to booking, but just want to confirm whether or not this itinerary is still available for kevin arnold?
please let us know when you can.
thank you,

her reply:
I’ve emailed you an itinerary for these flights in Business class. The airfare is $1971.30 and the ticket must be issued by Thursday, 31Mar.

my follow-up email:
hi maggie,
not sure if you meant to send this to me or someone else... ?
please let us know regarding kevin's flight when you have a chance. he would be flying aeromexico coach.
thank you,

and her reply:
Sorry, Clint… it is for you. New itinerary being emailed for a coach ticket. FYI, it must be issued tomorrow.

now, i understand that casey cline is an asexual name, and i really don't mind the few times when people have assumed from emails alone that i'm male, but this is really taking it to a new level.

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