Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i wish there had been s'mores

last night my roommates and i went onto our apartment building's roof and the inner pyros in us came out. we burned some things, and i burned my thumb, and we are all the smokier for it. we brought a bucket of water with us for safe measure, and only afterward did we realize that we'd set the bucket directly on top of a dead bird's carcass. it was beyond decomposed, so all that was left were a few feathers and the bony structure of the birds's wings. it made us feel super creepy and black magic-y. rest in peace bird. i only wish that we'd thought to bring graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and been able to share some s'mores with you.

it looked a little like the last time we burned something on the roof, except not at all.
cupcakes on the roof for caroline's 25th birthday in september

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