Monday, March 28, 2011

photos from the weekend

sometimes i forget that i live in new york, and every so often, i'll look up at the skyscrapers and remember, "oh yeah, i live in new york city.  this is awesome!"  last night on my walk home, something caught my eye, and i had one of those moments.  except this time, it wasn't a building that caught my eye,  but a bunch of balloons stuck in a tree.  pardon the inner artsy freak in me, but something about the mix of colors, the fact that they were stuck in the tree, and the lighting (the sun was setting and the reflecting sunlight was incredible) stopped me in my tracks.  looking at just the balloons in the tree made me think of a suburban birthday party, but the very metropolitan building in the background created this juxtaposition that was honestly kind of jarring to me.  it made me think about my life now and my life in the past and future, and blah blah blah LIFE! ART! JUXTAPOSITION!

i also took a trip to a tattoo parlor with two lovely ladies.  only 2 out of 3 of us left with tattoos.
hey little dove

and my dad sent me this little before haircut + after haircut that he put together of my baby boy, desmond.

sadly d-money had to have two baths this weekend.  one saturday morning because he got into some spilled milkshake last weekend (yes, i waited a week), and another sunday morning because saturday night we had a bit of a shitstorm.  you see, little baber here has a dirty, dirty vice.  he loves to eat worn underwear.  and when i say "eat," i don't mean he likes to nibble.  i mean he likes to find and sometimes dig furiously into laundry baskets for dirty, worn panties.  and then he proceeds to EAT THE MIDDLE.  a.k.a. the part that protects ladies' hoo-has.  desmond has eaten approximately 20 pairs of panties.  that is NOT, i repeat, NOT an exaggeration.  my debit card and receipts from victoria's secret to repay my roommates can prove it.  anyway, his little demon body used to be able to handle luxurious stretch-cotton, but apparently it no longer can because homeboy had a poopfest in my room while i was asleep saturday night.  it smelled so bad that dog poo made an appearance in my dream in the form of someone commenting about the strong smell of the dream poop, before i awoke to the reality of real poop in my room.  what i didn't realize was that before i woke up, desmond had eaten some of his nasty poo, so i ended up waking up three more times to the sound and smell of desmond barfing up his poo.  and not just by the door like his first vomit session - ooooh no - little desmond chose to throw up IN the luggage bag that i keep stored under my bed.  the luggage bag that i store my purses in.  and then he threw up again in his carrier bag.

once my sleepy rage subsided and i finished my 2nd batch of laundry within 24 hours, i actually had him to thank, because now i have a bag of purses (clean purses that didn't get shturved on them) to give away, and a super clean and reorganized under-bed space.  spring cleaning at its finest!

ps - i didn't get another tattoo, everyone stop freaking out from excitement and/or rage, depending on who you are!

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