Thursday, March 17, 2011

welcome oliver matthew cline!

my second nephew was born today.

oliver matthew cline
march 17, 2011
6 lbs., 15 oz.
19 inches long

i couldn't be more thrilled.
nothing has ever meant more to me than being an aunt.
i remember the moment that i first held owen, my first nephew.  this wave of emotion swept over me and i honestly and genuinely thought to myself with tears in my eyes, "this little person is part of me.  he shares my blood.  he is half of my brother, and half of priscilla, and i love them all so much."  a bit dramatic?  yes.  but here i was holding the little human that my older, idol of a brother helped create.

since i was in new york when my niece, sophia, was born i was worried that somehow she wouldn't love me as much, since i wouldn't be able to drop everything and drive 2 hours home from school to spend a weekend with her every now and then (like i often did in college with owen).  but to my very delightful surprise, that has not been the case.  every time i hang out with sophia, i feel like she loves me just as much, if not more, than the time before.  and owen will always be my little best friend.  i can already tell that i will be his annoying (but hopefully cool... oh god, please let him think i'm cool) aunt.  he already rolls his eyes at me to let me know that i'm oh-so-weird.  but he still likes to compete with me and show off to me and share things with me.  and every now and then he still lets me play "airplane" with him.

so, i'm thrilled to meet oliver as soon as possible.  hopefully i can go visit in maine in early may.  and i know that no matter where i am in the world, the three little people that i love so much will always love me back.

congratulations matthew, priscilla, owen and sophia on your newest addition.  love you all!

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