Friday, April 01, 2011

dear everyone who is talking about prince william not wearing a wedding band,

come on. do you think he's just going to slip on a fake mustache and people won't recognize him and he'll be able to philander all over the world?  maybe the man doesn't like wearing rings.  i get that a ring is a symbol of love and commitment, but i think it's already a pretty big symbol of love and commitment that prince william is marrying the epic kate middleton.  the kid is going to be king of england one day.  i'd say he's already outdone himself on the 'how can i show you how much i care' scale.

also, you know who did wear their wedding ring?  jesse james.  tiger woods.

you know who doesn't?  my daddy.

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Ryan said...

I dunno- I think he should wear it. I think all men should wear their wedding bands, I know it just symbolism but it points out to any other woman- you are also committing a wrong by flirting with me or talking to me. If I got to wear a badge, so do you. YES Price I am speaking directly to you- tat it to your hand- tell the world even with this uncomfortable ring I commit to you.