Tuesday, April 05, 2011

happy book release day, tina fey!

tina fey's first book, bossypants, was released today.  luckily for me, i have a good friend who works in publishing and sent me an early copy so i've already had a chance to sink my teeth into it.  i'm not even that far into it yet, and i've already laughed out loud more than 5 times.  actually, i've probably laughed out loud 10 times.  for real.  keep 'em comin' tina-na-nah!

in other news, if you haven't yet said your goodbyes to me, you should probably start now.  friday i plan on going to this event where tina will discuss bossypants "in an on-stage interview with the editor of the new yorker."  i think the event is also a book signing.  the point is, if i meet tina fey, i might die on the spot.  i want my money to go to my niece and nephews, and i want to be cremated, with my ashes spread a little in each place that i've ever lived (boone counts).  that means my family has to take a few trips together, which i think would be fun and sad and healing and strange.  also, no one can wear black to my funeral.

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