Tuesday, April 26, 2011

hey spring!

where've you been, beech?  listen, i'm not going to drag this conversation out any longer than it needs to be, but i am NOT HAPPY with your late arrival.  before i know it, it's going to be another blazing hot concrete jungle summer, and my swampbutt will be pining for the springtime breeze that it never even had the chance to enjoy.  but you know what, let me set aside my anger, and welcome you with open arms, because you are just like me when i was younger and i ran away from my mom in the salisbury mall because i didn't think she was paying me enough attention.  when i circled back around to find her, she'd done the thing that any good mother would have done; that is to say, she flipped out, thought i might have been kidnapped, and went on a frantic search for me.  honestly, when i think back to that time, it still scares me because i can remember how terrified i was that i had lost her forever and i was completely alone and would never see my family again.  anyway, i remember when we finally found each other, she gave me what i thought was the most confusing thing ever - the angry hug.  i think she simultaneously yelled at me and hugged me tighter than ever before, and i remember being equal parts relieved and scared.  i don't think my little body had ever experienced so much adrenaline rushing through it.

oh, springtime, i've made this about me again, haven't i?  i'm always doing that!  anyway, what i'm trying to say is i am giving you the biggest angry hug ever, because i don't know where you ran off to, or why, but i am so glad you're back!  so to celebrate, i will give in to your sweet temptations (ice cream truck) and enjoy a coffee ice cream popsicle.

the end.

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