Wednesday, April 06, 2011

me + t

guys, tina fey just told my favorite joke in her book as an example of what a "rough" joke is.  it's the only example she gave.  that means we're soulmates; we're meant to be together, i just know it.  and i mean that in a strictly platonic, strong-revered-woman-and-her-eager-to-learn-student type of way.

what's the joke, you ask?  okay, i'll tell you.

so a pedophile and a little boy are walking hand-in-hand through the forest together.  they're walking deeper and deeper into the woods, and it's getting darker and darker outside.  scared, the little boy slows his pace, looks up at the pedophile, and says, "gee whiz, mister.  it sure is creepy out here.  i'm getting real scared."  the pedophile looks down at the boy and says, "you think you're scared?  i'm the one who has to walk out of here alone."

ba-dum-bum psh.

my other favorite joke is this:

what did the baby volcano say to the momma volcano?
answer: i lava you.

so, you know, i'm pretty versatile.

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