Friday, April 15, 2011

my new age bracket

i just signed up for a newsletter and, for the first time since turning 25, selected my new age bracket of 25 - 34.

more than anything else, i feel slightly surprised.  my honest reaction was an audible, "hmm."  not a thoughtful, "hmmm," but a shorter, hiccuped version that borders on the edge of disbelief.

because in my mind, i still sometimes picture myself as a little ragamuffin kid with curly blonde hair, following my brother, "maffoo" to our neighbor's yard, where he'd intended - probably reluctantly - to take me zip-lining with him, but instead, i'd stood at the very edge, waiting for him to finish hanging out with his friends.  i couldn't even bring myself to step into the their yard, i was so shy and nervous and scared of embarrassing him.

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