Friday, April 01, 2011

parks and rec season 2 gag reel

there are a few random things that i really, really love in this life.  one is a sports montage.  movie montages always get to me, but there's something about a sports montage that really cuts to my core.  goosebumps aren't enough; my life's foundation is rocked whenever i see a really good sports montage, that's how much they affect me.

the other thing that i love unconditionally is a good blooper reel.  i hate whenever a gag reel sucks (i'm looking at you the wire).  you know what doesn't suck?  this parks and recreation gag reel that lasts a whopping 15 minutes.  YES!  other gag reels, take notice.  this is how it's done.

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Mike Cline said...

I LOVE this show. It's the GREEN ACRES of its day.

And unlike THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK, there isn't any character in the ensemble who irritates me to the point that I can't enjoy watching.

(Of course, THE OFFICE is about to change that.)