Monday, April 18, 2011


amy and i saw scream 4 saturday night, and i'll be the first to admit that i loved it!  it lived up to my expectations, and i cannot stop thinking about how much fun it was.  i know it didn't do as well as the filmmakers were expecting to this opening weekend, i know reviews aren't through the roof, and i know a few people personally who didn't care for it, but i thought it had everything that scream is known for.  it was fun, tongue-in-cheek funny, and scary.  plus, i loved that neve campbell, david arquette, and courteney cox were so integral (sidebar: i love me some courteney cox.  i've been watching the SERIOUSLY under-appreciated cougar town, and i am so in love with her.  she may have found her way into my girl crush list, which is good news for her because she's been eyeing a position in my top 5 for years now.).  all of the new faces were great, too - erik knudsen, hayden panetierre, emma roberts, rory culkin, and more.  anyway, i'm no movie reviewer, but i loved this.

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