Friday, April 15, 2011

put me down

this morning, i was really excited when i woke up and realized that my tossing and turning-filled slumber last night had produced a fantastic mane of bed-head.  aka, i didn't have to do anything to get ready today except dress myself, brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on makeup.

but then this afternoon i ran my fingers through my hair as i was getting it out of my face and i realized, as i tugged my fingers on a gnarly tangle, that i have toothpaste in my hair.  in the back of my hair.

how does that happen!?  did amy, caroline, or lindsay sneak in my room and spit toothpaste on me to pay me back for desmond eating their underwear and/or shoes and/or chocolate and/or patience? or am i really that spastic that i got my own toothpaste in my own back-of-head hair?  if it's the latter, i think it might be time someone put me down.

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