Tuesday, April 19, 2011

these are my confessions

just one confession, actually.  i haven't washed my hair since saturday, and i'm NOT sorry.  although maybe i should be, because the following conversation happened this morning.

me: check out this hair! i haven't washed it since saturday.  not even after our 4-hour spring cleaning and dance party session.
amy: oh, it looks good and curly.  but i'd probably wash it tonight or tomorrow morning.
me: wait, does it really look good, or are you just saying that to be nice?  you have to tell me the truth.
amy: no, you can get away with not washing it for one more day, but not any longer than that.  it's on its last leg.

so you know what, kat becks and lindsay mirchins of the world?  i hope you appreciate your miracle scalps that don't need shampooing and conditioning every other day.  i really hope you do, because i'm jealous.  i wish i had that kind of magical hair power.

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Kathryn Beck said...

Join the dirty girl club. Feels goooooood.