Monday, April 11, 2011


friday evening, lindsay got in line for this at 4pm, and saved two seats for amy and me.  around 4:30, my bosses let me leave work an hour and a half early (awesome), and i huffed it over to barnes & noble like a mall-walker (which is to say that i was sweating by the time i got there) so that i could listen to and hopefully meet my hypothetical dinner guest.*

we sat around, read, talked, and snacked on treats until 7pm when tina showed up and began her discussion with david remnick.  the event itself was pretty much just a 30-minute talk between tina and david about specific excerpts from the book.  tina was personable, but she was also sick with a cold and pregnant, and there were over a thousand people there, so barnes & noble kept things moving quickly.  they organized the book signing portion almost as if we were at a wedding - row by row - and they didn't allow any photos to be taken with tina.
my iphone takes top-notch photos.  but you know what, middle schoolers, i didn't even have a cell phone in high school, so i'll take it!
now, i was not blessed with the skill of speech.  i mumble like your 14-year-old goth boy cousin, (aka why i've always been able to write my thoughts better than speak them), so i spent a lot of our waiting time rehearsing what i would say to tina when it was our turn.

i'm not going to lie; i was freaking out.  tina fey is my idol, and i say that with all the genuine respect that i truly have for her, and also with all the tweenage gusto that the words "so-and-so is my idol" conjure.  so when it came time for her to sign the book delia had given me and the book i bought my daddy cline, i took a deep breath and said, "thank you for doing what you do, because it if weren't for you, i would not be pursuing writing comedy," while simultaneously praying, "please let me remember these 10 seconds.  please, please, please."  she had already signed one book, and stopped to listen to what i had to say (like any normal person hopefully would) before replying, "oh, thank you.  that's really great to hear."  then she signed the other book and said, "good luck."

so now i'm just relishing in the fact that tina fey wished me (and potentially hundreds of other people) good luck.  one bucket list to-do down, lots more to go.

*you know the question: if you could have dinner with any living person, who would it be?  tina fey and ellen degeneres would be at the top of my list.

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Eve Donegan said...

cannot believe after all these years you got to meet THE tina fey! amazing. also, that choc cake on a later post is killing me.