Tuesday, May 31, 2011

back down south

hey, kings of leon, rip my heart out why don't you.

weezer does radiohead


to this day, the two words that i have the hardest time remembering how to spell correctly are rhythm and license.

the high cost of living

this is a good movie.

the wire

lindsay and i finished watching the wire yesterday, and all i can say is AHHHHHHHH!

ahhhh, SO, SO good!
ahhhh, can't believe that happened!
ahhhh, the writing is so good!
ahhhh, the acting is so good!
ahhhh, it's like someone is holding a mirror up to america and saying, "hey look! it's you! hey look!"
ahhhh, whyyyyyyyyy?!
ahhhh, bawlmore!
ahhhh, POLITICS!
ahhhh, i can't imagine watching this as it aired... the references and callbacks to previous people/places/things/seasons are ENDLESS.

this show is so good.

i can't stop listening to

Friday, May 27, 2011

harry potter cast sums up the experience in one word

guys, i can't even imagine. harry potter blows my mind in every sense of the word. jk rowling is a mastermind and the actors that have filled the famous roles over the last ten years are astounding. this is such a wonderful story, so intricately woven and brilliantly told. even when i finished reading the seventh book, i knew at least i could look forward to the movies. i want july 15th to arrive both now and never.

the blood grinder

my friend and fellow fahey, matt braunsdorf, has been working hard on a project that he and his friends, nick schwartz and dave conte, created a few years ago. inspired by grindhouse films, they created the tale of ronnie america, whose mission is to hunt down the notorious and gruesome serial killer, the blood grinder, and avenge his newlywed wife's murder.

check out matt, nick, and dave's story (and kickstarter campaign!) here. then watch the videos below.

bonus: i star as flower mcsugartits, a prostitute with a heart of gold, in an upcoming blodcast (photo below). it's the sexiest role i've played to date (next in line being my mean velociraptor impression - HOT!). as we were filming, with me climbing atop a plush bed in merely my pj's, posing as sultrily as i could, i said out loud that if my dad could see me now, filming what looks a low-budget porn to the naked eye*, i could declare once and for all, "dad, i've made it. i've really made it!"


week one:

week two:

week three: 

week four:

*it is not a low-budget porn, but i did get a little saucy. more like jamie lee curtis when she tries to strip for arnold in true lies than sharon stone in basic instinct. not so much, "WHOA JESUS," but a little more, "eh, i'll buy it."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

harvard commencement speech, amy poehler - may 25, 2011

fat cat struggles to lose weight

oh, amy. thank you for this. thank you so much.

guys, if you need some extra workout motivation (and i do), this is it. watch babyphatkat walk it out on an underwater kitty treadmill. set to the smoothest bring-out-your-best-beeswax-candles sexy-time song.

to kiss you...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dear future husband

please wear a dark grey suit to our future wedding (a la kings of leon frontman, caleb followill).

that is all.

thank you, and good night.

annnnnd just because i can't get this out of my head

the lonely island + michael bolton. surprisingly as good (and weird) as mayo on pizza.

and don't you dare judge me until you've tried it. it's not a combo that i eat all of the time. it's actually really rare that i do, but my fourth grade teacher ate her pizza this way and i've given it a try or two in the past, when i'm feeling especially gutbomb-y.

Monday, May 23, 2011

elephant love medley

during ryan and eric's wedding saturday, their pastor said the words, "come what may," and my thoughts quickly jumped to moulin rouge, a movie that i first watched during my freshman year of high school with my best friends laura and kathryn.

i knew that when amy, caroline and i returned home from the wedding weekend, we'd be in the mood for some serious lounging, so i added watching the movie to our agenda (in addition to ordering delivery for dinner).

i forgot how much i love that movie. when we first watched it, kathryn, laura, and i each bought the soundtrack and listened to it on repeat. to say we were obsessed might be an understatement.

i have clear memories of us riding with our parents and singing "elephant love medley" at the top of our lungs, as well as dressing up in kathryn's old dance costumes, performing our own version of lady marmalade in her living room.

turns out amy and her college roommates memorized the song, too, and would run around their apartment singing it. so when this scene came on last night, caroline, amy, and i had quite the performance.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

laugh it off

check out the new section of my blog, laugh it off, where i plan on keeping a laugh list.

thanks to amy stanley for the greatest idea ever.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

laughing cow cheese

hey guys, this isn't really that big of a deal, but i was just wondering why y'all haven't ever turned me onto laughing cow swiss cheese wedges? i mean, i've had the babybel cheeses before, and i'll be the first to say  yum. but like, why, if you know that i like cheese (and you do), wouldn't you tell me about the little swiss wedges, one of which is bringing me so much joy right now. i mean, if you didn't know about them either, then i guess that's okay, but... i don't know... nevermind. okay fine. it just... maybe i'm just being a little sensitive here, but it kind of hurts my feelings. that's all.



is hands down one of the funniest best movies i've ever seen.

it's about so much more than being a bridesmaid; it's about the ebb and flow of friendship, childhood bonds, making new besties, merging different sets of BFFs, celebrating successes, wallowing in failures, hitting rock bottom, taking responsibility, and crawling out of the rubble of life's messes.

i laughed so, so hard (pretty much throughout), and several times came close to spilling some tears, both from pee-laughing and the true-to-life touching (and sometimes sad) moments. kristen wiig and annie mumolo's script blended comedy, character depth, and gross-out humor flawlessly, and created a movie that is so enjoyable, i wanted to see it again immediately.

ps - the cast? perfection.

happy birthday, tina fey!

wish i could be there to celebrate with you, dirty t!

ps - tina and i always give each other witty nicknames. dirty t (and c), t (and c) dawg, titi feyhey, and c-tron legacy are just a few that we've shared.

Monday, May 16, 2011

for sale: voom by joy han dresses

ahh, hautelook, you mistress you. i fell victim, yet again, to your "shtick": designer duds at discounted prices. notice that i say "yet again," because i've definitely found some keepers before. just not this time.

unfortunately, i made a dingbat move when i recently ordered three Voom by Joy Han dresses: i failed to notice that they were non-returnable. so imagine my disappointment when the super cuties didn't fit (thanks, booty) and i realized my mistake.

cut to: i need your help. i need to sell these so my bank account will start speaking to me again. details below.

Voom by Joy Han - Bismarck Babydoll Dress (SMALL) - $55

Voom by Joy Han - Sarah Fitted Dress (SMALL) - $55

Voom by Joy Han - Rachel Short Sleeve Dress (SMALL)- $58
please contact me for sizing and shipping info if you're interested. thanks!

also, is that kendall jenner in the rachel dress?!

Friday, May 13, 2011


oh my word, silly me! i forgot to share these with y'all.

have you ever seen a cuter spider monkey? or a cuter baby?

ha! she's got jokes.

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twilight farts

this video reduced me to tears last night, and proved that not only does my personality fluctuate between that of an elderly woman (dinner can never come too soon, staying in to read a book can be the better option, and sometimes the neighbors need to turn down that racket!) and a 5-year old girl (because i like to pretend that i'm friends with all animals, and i am so very easily amused), but now i am also apparently a 3rd grade boy.

this. is. amazing. thank you, kate spencer.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

new thang, y'all

if you're as into christian rap as i am (not at all), then you'll enjoy this video. except for maybe the moment when he says, "hit me." when that happened, a little part of me cried on the inside because i suddenly felt like he was watching me change. you know shiz is crazy when a little religious rapper reminds me of a sexual predator.

Monday, May 09, 2011

your song

also, amy and i are currently a little bit a lot obsessed with ellie goulding and her version of elton's "your song," thanks to the royal wedding and this past weekend's saturday night live.

all i can say is that i hope i one day have enough star power to have ellie come sing this for my first dance at my wedding reception like wills + kate.

dream big?

(also, thank you to amy kathryn stanley, for bringing ellie's voice into our home. i am forever indebted to her for this, and this).

i'm aliiiiiive

oh my god, y'all, you'll never guess what happened to me!  but since i love guessing games, i'll let you try.

did i meet john krasinski and we fell in love and got married emilybluntbedamned?! no, but i did have a dream about him.

did tina fey finally track me down after becoming so super smitten with me when we met because seriously, there are a lot of casey clines on facebook, and it is NOT easy to hunt me down? no, but i dream about this every day.

did i get drunk on cinco de mayo and get lost wandering around the city, when i met a group of traveling hipsters who invited me to go to woodstock, ny with them where they planned on then watching the movie taking woodstock because isn't that so ironic? no, because i did not leave my apartment that night except to buy a bag of tortilla chips and some margarita mix, and that doesn't sound like fun anyway.

no, ladies and gentlemen, i've been m.i.a. because i've been in maine meeting this little human blob:
so dang cute
seriously, baby oliver is still at that phase where he can't really do much of anything except eat, poop, pee, cry, sleep, and roll around because he still has no coordination skills.  much like my dog desmond.
 i also got to hang out with these two nunchucks.

owen + sophia + aunt casey = bffaeaeaeae.

how can one human be so much cuter than the sneezing baby panda? HOW?!
and of course, the two people responsible for all of this fun: my brother and sister-in-law.

here is a basic rundown of my week.
- i ate
- i slept
- i woke up early to take owen to school
- i took naps
- i watched good morning america, regis + kelly, food network, bethenney ever after, and dancing with the stars
- i watched the king's speech
- i picked owen up from school
- i cooked with priscilla (i'll post on that later, obviously)
- i went to the park and played outside
- i watched a lot of cartoon network and disney (speaking of which, adventure time, is an irreverently hilarious show.  i'm not yet convinced that it's actually a children's show)
- i ate a lot of mcdonald's
- i talked with matthew and priscilla a lot

in other words, it was perfect.

also, because my flight back to maine was cancelled, causing me to have to miss my first day of my new job (thank god new job has very cool co-workers), i ended up renting a car 2 times, and making the 45 minute drive to and from my brother's house 4 times.

so, should you ever find yourself traveling to and/or from dover-foxcroft from and/or to bangor, maine, i  now present to you my comprehensive travel guide for making said trip:

1. they sure do like their christian rock up there.  here's hoping you're a fan of i can only imagine. if not, there's always country and the one or two pop hit stations.  disclaimer: i'm not complaining.  i definitely jammed out to the top hits of today, and the lost country songs of my high school youth.
2. don't worry about a map.  just follow these simple directions.  from the rental car parking lot, follow the exit road to the stoplight. turn left. drive to the next stoplight, turn right.  drive for a mile and a half, turn left.  drive straight for 35-40 minutes, and then turn right into my brother's driveway. reverse directions for return trip.
3. avoid your phone and computers if you can.  it's nice.
4. enjoy the peace and quiet, and the lobster bisque at hobnobbers.