Friday, May 27, 2011

the blood grinder

my friend and fellow fahey, matt braunsdorf, has been working hard on a project that he and his friends, nick schwartz and dave conte, created a few years ago. inspired by grindhouse films, they created the tale of ronnie america, whose mission is to hunt down the notorious and gruesome serial killer, the blood grinder, and avenge his newlywed wife's murder.

check out matt, nick, and dave's story (and kickstarter campaign!) here. then watch the videos below.

bonus: i star as flower mcsugartits, a prostitute with a heart of gold, in an upcoming blodcast (photo below). it's the sexiest role i've played to date (next in line being my mean velociraptor impression - HOT!). as we were filming, with me climbing atop a plush bed in merely my pj's, posing as sultrily as i could, i said out loud that if my dad could see me now, filming what looks a low-budget porn to the naked eye*, i could declare once and for all, "dad, i've made it. i've really made it!"


week one:

week two:

week three: 

week four:

*it is not a low-budget porn, but i did get a little saucy. more like jamie lee curtis when she tries to strip for arnold in true lies than sharon stone in basic instinct. not so much, "WHOA JESUS," but a little more, "eh, i'll buy it."

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Mike Cline said...

Jane Fonda won an Oscar for playing a you-know-what.