Monday, May 23, 2011

elephant love medley

during ryan and eric's wedding saturday, their pastor said the words, "come what may," and my thoughts quickly jumped to moulin rouge, a movie that i first watched during my freshman year of high school with my best friends laura and kathryn.

i knew that when amy, caroline and i returned home from the wedding weekend, we'd be in the mood for some serious lounging, so i added watching the movie to our agenda (in addition to ordering delivery for dinner).

i forgot how much i love that movie. when we first watched it, kathryn, laura, and i each bought the soundtrack and listened to it on repeat. to say we were obsessed might be an understatement.

i have clear memories of us riding with our parents and singing "elephant love medley" at the top of our lungs, as well as dressing up in kathryn's old dance costumes, performing our own version of lady marmalade in her living room.

turns out amy and her college roommates memorized the song, too, and would run around their apartment singing it. so when this scene came on last night, caroline, amy, and i had quite the performance.

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