Monday, May 16, 2011

for sale: voom by joy han dresses

ahh, hautelook, you mistress you. i fell victim, yet again, to your "shtick": designer duds at discounted prices. notice that i say "yet again," because i've definitely found some keepers before. just not this time.

unfortunately, i made a dingbat move when i recently ordered three Voom by Joy Han dresses: i failed to notice that they were non-returnable. so imagine my disappointment when the super cuties didn't fit (thanks, booty) and i realized my mistake.

cut to: i need your help. i need to sell these so my bank account will start speaking to me again. details below.

Voom by Joy Han - Bismarck Babydoll Dress (SMALL) - $55

Voom by Joy Han - Sarah Fitted Dress (SMALL) - $55

Voom by Joy Han - Rachel Short Sleeve Dress (SMALL)- $58
please contact me for sizing and shipping info if you're interested. thanks!

also, is that kendall jenner in the rachel dress?!

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