Monday, May 09, 2011

i'm aliiiiiive

oh my god, y'all, you'll never guess what happened to me!  but since i love guessing games, i'll let you try.

did i meet john krasinski and we fell in love and got married emilybluntbedamned?! no, but i did have a dream about him.

did tina fey finally track me down after becoming so super smitten with me when we met because seriously, there are a lot of casey clines on facebook, and it is NOT easy to hunt me down? no, but i dream about this every day.

did i get drunk on cinco de mayo and get lost wandering around the city, when i met a group of traveling hipsters who invited me to go to woodstock, ny with them where they planned on then watching the movie taking woodstock because isn't that so ironic? no, because i did not leave my apartment that night except to buy a bag of tortilla chips and some margarita mix, and that doesn't sound like fun anyway.

no, ladies and gentlemen, i've been m.i.a. because i've been in maine meeting this little human blob:
so dang cute
seriously, baby oliver is still at that phase where he can't really do much of anything except eat, poop, pee, cry, sleep, and roll around because he still has no coordination skills.  much like my dog desmond.
 i also got to hang out with these two nunchucks.

owen + sophia + aunt casey = bffaeaeaeae.

how can one human be so much cuter than the sneezing baby panda? HOW?!
and of course, the two people responsible for all of this fun: my brother and sister-in-law.

here is a basic rundown of my week.
- i ate
- i slept
- i woke up early to take owen to school
- i took naps
- i watched good morning america, regis + kelly, food network, bethenney ever after, and dancing with the stars
- i watched the king's speech
- i picked owen up from school
- i cooked with priscilla (i'll post on that later, obviously)
- i went to the park and played outside
- i watched a lot of cartoon network and disney (speaking of which, adventure time, is an irreverently hilarious show.  i'm not yet convinced that it's actually a children's show)
- i ate a lot of mcdonald's
- i talked with matthew and priscilla a lot

in other words, it was perfect.

also, because my flight back to maine was cancelled, causing me to have to miss my first day of my new job (thank god new job has very cool co-workers), i ended up renting a car 2 times, and making the 45 minute drive to and from my brother's house 4 times.

so, should you ever find yourself traveling to and/or from dover-foxcroft from and/or to bangor, maine, i  now present to you my comprehensive travel guide for making said trip:

1. they sure do like their christian rock up there.  here's hoping you're a fan of i can only imagine. if not, there's always country and the one or two pop hit stations.  disclaimer: i'm not complaining.  i definitely jammed out to the top hits of today, and the lost country songs of my high school youth.
2. don't worry about a map.  just follow these simple directions.  from the rental car parking lot, follow the exit road to the stoplight. turn left. drive to the next stoplight, turn right.  drive for a mile and a half, turn left.  drive straight for 35-40 minutes, and then turn right into my brother's driveway. reverse directions for return trip.
3. avoid your phone and computers if you can.  it's nice.
4. enjoy the peace and quiet, and the lobster bisque at hobnobbers.

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Mike Cline said...

"lobster bisque at hobnobbers"

Heaven on Earth.