Thursday, June 02, 2011

i have something to tell you

i'm tumbling.

this transition might take a little while. tumblr is a whole other box of shenanigans, so i have to work out all the kinks.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


sometimes i fear people will think i'm a cannibal at heart because at times, the only way to accurately describe how i feel about photos like this is, "i want to squeeze her in a death-grip hug and eat her face!"

if ever i'm indicted on some crazy cannibalism charge, surely they'll use this post as evidence and i'll be locked away. that's why my roommates have my password: so they can erase any trace that this ever existed.

except there are all those dingdang techies who can outsmart a simple-minded plebe like me and hack their way into my entire internet history.

desmond + the air conditioner

as predicted, the weather in nyc jumped from how-does-it-still-feel-like-winter-in-may to swampbutt summer. i think we had exactly one week of spring-like weather, and now it's back to slowly melting alive. that being said, i'll take it with arms wide open because this city is like a different place in the summer (read: colorful and non-murderous). plus, there's always air conditioning.

one fan of the AC? desmond. he's recently taken to jumping up and balancing himself partially on the bed, heater and window ledge, where he can get a whole face-full of cool air.

these photos don't quite capture the bliss that registers on his face, but suffice it to say that he will sit there with his head in the air for minutes without moving. and this guy moves around A LOT. 

sun of a gun

by oh land