laugh it off.

my roommate, amy kathryn stanley, had the most brilliant idea ever a few months ago when she decided to start a laugh journal. now, us hootenannies like to laugh A LOT, so the laugh journal is only used for those deep belly laughs that feel like you just spent an hour with an ab roller.

my plan is to start one myself here in blogmosphere. it'll most likely overlap with miss stanley's, since we live together and are at heart, really, really weird. most belly laughs have been at my expense, but i'm okay with that. because if people weren't laughing at or with me, i'd be curled up in a ball in a cold warehouse corner, weeping silent tears. i don't know what kind of warehouse i would be in, but it's the kind where the floors are painted the same grey color as the walls.

my intent with this 'journal' is to keep a running list. ideally throughout the rest of my life, so that all it takes to clear up a bad moment or day is a quick scan of the giggle list. think of how cool it would be to look back at this as an old lady.

so anyway, here goes... my laugh journal beginning at the ripe age of 25.

(also, just so we're clear, i can't apologize for the things that make me laugh nor can i always be very clear as to what happened. i don't want to incriminate myself anyone).

1. when we were all gathered in the hallway of our apartment discussing the fire that had raged across the street from us one night last summer. lindsay hadn't been home at the time, so amy, caroline and i were recounting the details for her. then, out of nowhere, caroline did something and said, "RUN!" lindsay didn't realize what exactly caroline had done, and instead thought that there was a fire behind her. she was genuinely terrified and ran down our hallway away from the nonexistent flames. what had actually happend was something far less destructive. regardless, it was one of the most terrifying few seconds of lindsay's life.

2. once, while i was getting ready for bed in the bathroom with amy, something happend. amy knew, but hadn't experienced it yet. then, she unexpectedly did and died laughing. this led to me dying laughing, and caroline and lindsay joining in shortly thereafter.

3. see moment #2.

4. the movie bridesmaids, especially the scene when maya rudolph is wearing a wedding dress in the middle of the street, slowly sinking to the ground (i don't want to say any more for fear of ruining the moment for anyone who hasn't seen it yet).

5. sometimes i think subtle humor is the best. but other times, my mind is that of a young boy's, and i like the gross-out stuff. take last night for example, when i threatened amy, caroline, and lindsay that i would smear poop all over the walls of our apartment. this threat actually came out several times in the span of a couple hours, until i decided to take the threat to the next level. i grabbed one of my adora dark chocolate calcium disks (ahyummy!), melted it in the microwave, and proceeded to smear chocolate across my mouth while holding the rest in my hand. lindsay watched me doing this, and was already laughing, so then i ran like a mad woman down the hall, yelling and growling, while i pretended to smear our walls. i stopped in caroline's bedroom doorway, as well as the bathroom doorway where amy was getting ready for bed. before we knew it, we were all in such hysterics that lindsay was actually worried she might throw up from laughing so hard.