my peoples.

here are the people who are required to love me, and a few of those who love me on their own accord.


daddy: may also go by mike, mikey, bob, robert, thornhill, pops, or poppa.  he gave me my name and sense of humor, among other things.

momma: julie, mom, juju, juju babe, or juju-b.  her parents used to call her "juju babe" when she was little, and sometime in the past few years, i've started calling her either just momma or juju.

matthew: he's my brobro, and a great one at that.

priscilla: my sister-in-law.  she and my brother have been together since they were 16, married when they were 21, and are still my favorite couple to be around.  hanging out with them is my favorite form of therapy and they blessed me with the best people in the world.

owen: my nephew and the coolest kid alive.  i am obsessed with him.  i sometimes call him turkey, and other times call him o-dawg, o-man, or something equally as original.

sophia: my niece.  sometimes on the blog i'll refer to her as nugget, but she's given herself her very own nickname: fifa.  she can't pronounce sophia, so fifa it is.  i secretly hope this means that she'll one day be a badass mia hamm-esque soccer player.  but even if she doesn't play sports and just likes to make dreamcatchers and art out of hairballs, i'll still think she's the coolest.

oliver: aka small fry, sweet potato fry, or bun in oven.  priscilla is currently pregnant with this cline and i couldn't be more excited for his arrival.  priscilla is a natural redhead and i'm wondering if oliver is going to be the one to pick up this trait.
matthew, priscilla, owen and sophia

daddy, matthew, the future mrs. jason segel, and momma on the weekend my brother graduated from nurse anesthesia school and i graduated from unc.  the photo below is also from that weekend, and that weekend remains one of the best of my life.   really, if i had to list favorite days of my life, this weekend would be included.

aunt margie, uncle john, aunt pam, mikey, juju, matthew, o-dog, the future mrs. krasinski (if emily blunt will share). 


caroline: aka chumba or chumbz.  she is my food and mind twin.  we may not look alike, but we've had more twin mindfreak moments than i think is normal.

charlie: caroline's daughter.  amy and i decided her full name is charles bigglesworth hard-times furst because she's refined and was an adoption kitty.  hence the "bigglesworth" and "hard-times."  her favorite things to do are get annoyed with everyone (except caroline) and knock over cups of liquid (though she may be saving our lives because desmond is trying to poison all of us).

charlie, before we intervened and asked her to go to rehab.

amy: aka "anything".  amy and i like to play a game where we call each other the first thing we think of. for example, this morning we left the apartment together, and when we parted ways, it sounded like this:

amy: "bye d'goria!"
me: "bye breakfast!"
amy: "see you later, toast."

she's a real hoot.  you can stalk her here.
that one time when she choked me to death.  just kidding!  our joint surprise 23rd birthday party.

penelope: amy's daughter.  p-face, penelope jane, p-funk, peen-a-lope, etc. sometimes i doubt that she's a real dog.  proof:

lindsay: sometimes referred to as shmindsay.  lindsay is a great roommate because she likes to play pretend and is all-around hilarious and fun.  she's also the most disciplined person i've ever met.

here's lindsay, chumbz, and me (halloween 2009).  lindsay is a really good vampire, both in real life and when she plays pretend.
desmond: my son.  i succumbed to puppy fever last spring (you can read about that journey here and here) and my life has changed forever,  for worse (like this) or better (the rest of the time).  god knows he is a crazy psycho, but he's also a little black and white ball of love, and i can't imagine life without him.  his nicknames include, but aren't limited to: d-money, d-swizzle, dizzy d, baber, and of course, his full name - desmond halpert cline.
the day i brought him home.

when he was super tiny and sweet.
i could hold the little nugget in the palm of my hand.

desmond now. crazy psycho and crazy lovable.

coming soon... the rest of the people that i like and/or love.  probably love.